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Commercial Cleaning In Preparation For Winter

As we flip the calendar page to October, we have to think about colder weather. In the commercial cleaning business, there are a number of things we can do to the exterior of your building in the fall before Old Man Winter comes roaring in.

These include power washing sidewalks, ramps, and stairs, as well as exterior window washing.

Fall is also a good time to make sure all of your exterior lighting fixtures have working bulbs. As the days get shorter, your outdoor lights will come on automatically much earlier than they did during the summer, even before your employees have left for the day. A well-lit exterior is a safe exterior.

And this may not sound like a cleaning tip, but you should have your HVAC system checked and serviced each fall to make sure your heating system is working properly, has a clean filter and the vents are clear. A properly working heating system will keep you and your customers comfortable, and keep your building healthy. Dirty filters or mold and mildew problems from an improperly working HVAC system can cause health issues and costly damage.

Fall is also frequently the time to place install non-slip, absorbent floor mats at your entrance doors if you don’t have them year-round. With the cold fall rains and the wintry mix that is soon to follow, these floor mats protect you and your customers from slipping and falling.

And of course, we can do any other special project cleaning you need to prepare your building for the colder months.

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