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Is Summer The Best Season To Hire Carpet Cleaning Services?

Scheduling regular carpet cleaning services is crucial to your business throughout the year. Summer may be the most important time of year to make sure your carpets are well-tended. Not only do pollutants build up faster during the warmer season, but higher foot traffic brings in more dirt and allergens. In addition, weather conditions are ideal for a quick drying time.

It’s important to schedule a carpet cleaning, even if your facility has lower foot traffic this Summer. Pollutants are still burrowing their way into the fibers of your carpeting even if activity is low. Hiring carpet cleaning services now will make your facility ready for customers when it’s time to reopen.

With Summer Comes Allergens And Pollutants

As we ease into the middle of Summer, it’s important to consider hiring a regular commercial carpet cleaning service to keep your facility free of the many pollutants that Summer brings. During these hot days, carpeting can absorb and hold on to large quantities of pollen, dirt, dust mites, and bacteria.

Research has found that “carpets may act as a repository for indoor air pollutants such as dirt, dust particles, allergens and other biological contamination that can build up in the carpets.”

The indoor air quality of any facility could be greatly enhanced by regular carpet cleaning to remove pollutants. This air quality would directly impact customers and employees. Anyone with allergies will feel more comfortable and at ease in your facility.

Summer Brings More Outdoor Activity

With Summer comes a flurry of outdoor activity. Many people find themselves spending more of their time outside than inside. When clients visit your facility they track in dirt, mud, pollen, and other pollutants and deposit them on your carpet.

You can keep your carpet looking clean and new all year long, even a high-traffic carpet, by getting it regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service. Regular cleanings will also help keep your carpet from aging as quickly. 

Perhaps this Summer, your business has less foot traffic because of the pandemic, but that’s no reason to leave your carpet cleaning for later. Right now is a perfect time to get your carpet looking brand new ahead of when things get busy again. This will allow your carpet ample time to dry without being trampled. In addition, it will freshen up your office in preparation for the reopening of the economy.

Summer Heat And A/C Help Carpet To Dry

It can be a fragile balance to get carpeting to dry before mold spores can start growing. Summer is a good season to combat this danger, as there are several options to help carpets drive faster.

As it is often humid in the Baltimore area, it’s a good idea to keep windows closed and use A/C, fans, and dehumidifiers to encourage the carpet to dry quickly. However, if it happens to be a low-humidity day, you can leave the windows open and use fans.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we designed our carpet cleaning to keep your carpets looking their best all year. We first deep vacuum all carpeted areas, and then we machine agitate with a cleaning solution to bring pollutants to the surface. Lastly, we use a hot water extraction process to remove stains, pollutants, and much more.  

Call us to book your Summer Carpet Cleaning Services and get your carpets looking like new for your customers: (410) 618-4527.