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7 Reasons ServiceMaster Clean Is The Best Cleaning Service In Baltimore

If you own a business, you may be looking for a commercial cleaning company. Janitorial services can make a big difference in the overall appearance and impression of a facility. There are always many good reasons to hire a cleaning company, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. At ServiceMaster Clean, we are passionate about partnering with you to keep your facility clean, sanitized, and looking up to par. That is why we believe we’re the best cleaning service in Baltimore.

1. ServiceMaster’s Hiring And Training Is Top Notch

At ServiceMaster, our secret ingredient to success is our staff. We hire the best team members locally. We thoroughly train our staff in cleaning and sanitizing best practices. When you hire ServiceMaster Clean, you are hiring professionals who know exactly what is needed in each situation. We only hire team members who care about doing the job right every time.

2. Hiring ServiceMaster Saves You Time And Money

Hiring a professional cleaning service will save you time and money. Since our staff members are so highly trained, you do not need to spend time or money training yours on learning and sanitization. Your staff will not need to learn how to properly sanitize and disinfect important surfaces. ServiceMaster makes sure your building and grounds follow proper codes and guidelines put out by the CDC and other governing agencies.

3. We Are Available 24/7 To Meet Your Cleaning Needs

You may find that after-hours cleaning is best for your facility. Many business owners choose this option because ServiceMaster Clean can work when no employees or customers are around. You never expect an emergency, but you can plan for it by knowing you can call ServiceMaster Clean 24/7 for help. We trained our team members to help with last-minute, emergency responses. Our 24/7 availability works around your schedule and needs.

4. ServiceMaster Uses A Unique Three-Step Approach

Our cleaning technique is unlike any other. Not only do we clean and disinfect your facility, but we also have an additional third step. Our proprietary GoldShield solution leaves antimicrobial protection on surfaces. This protection can last up to 90 days and protect surfaces from disease-causing bacteria. We believe this three-step approach is vital, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. We Are Locally Owned And Operated In Baltimore

ServiceMaster Clean is locally owned and operated in the Baltimore area. Founded in 1981, the Ducote family runs the business. When choosing a company to partner with, we know it is important to choose people you can trust. We stand by family values and believe it is important to serve our neighbors and our city.

6. We Use Green Cleaning To Keep You And Your Visitors Safe

ServiceMaster Clean also utilizes Green Cleaning. Our Capture and Removal system can remove airborne particles and improve overall air quality. In addition, our Green For cleaning product line contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can also greatly improve air quality. Our proprietary non-toxic products will keep you, your employees, and guests safer and healthier.

7. We Are Ready To Help You Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus threw many businesses into a tailspin. It is difficult to know best practices for keeping your business open and your employees and customers safe. Luckily, at ServiceMaster Clean, we are well prepared for this moment. Our highly trained staff, specialized techniques, and solutions are the best course of action to protect against the virus spreading. Call us now to schedule 24/7 Commercial Cleaning Services 410-665-6912 or fill out our contact form.