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Top Reasons to Outsource Your Commercial Cleaning

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a facilities manager, or a member of an administrative team looking to cut costs and increase profit margins, this blog is for you. If you currently hire employees to comprise your own janitorial staff, or you have employees you hired for one job add cleaning duties to their day, there’s a better way.

Today we’re going to discuss the top reasons it makes business sense to outsource your commercial cleaning to a company that specializes in the area.

Reason #1: You Save Money

This is probably the biggest reason to hire a company to provide commercial cleaning services. If you examine your budget, take a look at how much you spend monthly on:

  • Employee wages and benefits for cleaning staff
  • Workers’ compensation insurance for those staff members
  • Payroll expenses
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Training time

When you add all of those expenses together, you may find it’s more cost-effective to outsource your cleaning and janitorial services. This can be especially true for school districts, universities, and senior living complexes.

Reason #2: You Save Time

Saving time and money. Sounds good, right? By outsourcing your commercial cleaning services, you save time. There’s no need to post job listings and weed through job candidates. There’s also no need to train employees in proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures. When you outsource to a commercial cleaning company like ServiceMaster Clean PBM of Baltimore, we handle the screening and hiring of employees and ensure that every member of our staff receives paid training in cleaning best practices.

This gives you more time to focus on running your business or attend to more pressing matters.

Reason #3: You Save Yourself Headaches

As a building manager or store manager, think about how many times a closing shift employee has called in sick or needed to go home early. This put you in the position of trying to find someone to replace them at the last minute. What a headache. With a company like ours, we take on the responsibility of finding substitute staff if for some reason your regular commercial cleaning staff is unable to work that day.

Reason #4: You Get a Superior Level of Clean

If you have employees that add cleaning to the end of their regular job, they may not be doing as thorough a job. They may cut corners on cleaning and disinfecting in order to go do something else after work. This can be especially important in the restaurant business or daycare business.

When you have to pass unannounced inspections, you need to be sure your kitchen and the rest of your facility are clean and sanitized. Because failing an inspection can mean hefty fines and bad publicity. And if you fail due to a major violation, it can mean you have to close down your business until you remedy the situation.

When you outsource your commercial cleaning, you get trained staff who take less time to do more. And you never have to worry about cleaning supplies inadvertently left next to the food prep area or within reach of small children.

Reason #5: You Boost Employee Morale

This goes along with the previous idea. The top reason employees try to avoid the closing shift? Because you add cleaning the place to their job duties. They just want to go home. Boost employee morale and make it easier to fill the closing shift by outsourcing your commercial cleaning.

In addition, regular cleaning provided by a commercial cleaning company shows your employees you care about their working environment and health. That can increase employee retention and productivity.

Reason #6: You Make a Good Impression

We list this reason last, but perhaps we should have listed it first. Your business depends on the goodwill of your customers, your patrons, your residents, your congregants – you name it. If your facility is dirty, smells bad, or even has restrooms with overflowing trash bins, you turn away business. Someone might even leave you a negative review.

By greeting all who come through your doors with a clean and shining building, you make a great impression. You show you care about the details and care about their business.

Schedule a FREE Commercial Cleaning Consultation

If you’re interested in saving time and money, as well as boosting employee morale, it’s time to explore outsourcing your cleaning needs to a professional commercial cleaning company. ServiceMaster Clean PBM has decades of experience providing a superior level of cleaning to schools and universities, churches, restaurants, senior living complexes, office buildings, medical facilities, financial institutions, retail spaces, and industrial locations throughout Baltimore and Harford counties.

Schedule an on-site consultation by filling out the Get a Quote form, or calling (410) 618-4527. We’ll meet with you to discuss what you want to be cleaned, how often you want us to clean, and what time of day you want your commercial cleaning done. We can arrange a one-time deep cleaning or ongoing cleaning – whatever you need.