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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Everyone likes the aesthetic of real hardwood floors and many businesses are opting for faux hardwood flooring. However, there are still many business spaces that have genuine hardwood floors and real hardwood will last for centuries if maintained properly. The best way to keep genuine hardwood floors looking their best is to clean them on a regular basis. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance (PBM) offers hardwood floor care to commercial clients throughout Harford County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City. Cleaning hardwood floors and keeping them maintained is surprisingly easy. Check out these tips on maintaining your hardwood floors:

  • Place doormats at every entrance leading to hardwood floors. Doormats help collect substances like dirt, water, sand, and salt. These substances can scratch the hardwood floor, and also ruin the finish. It’s important to stop it from entering the building.
  • Sweep or vacuum regularly. The number one reason to clean your floors regularly is to keep fine grit from slowly wearing through your wood floor’s finish. Use an attachment with a microfiber finish to clean your floor. We recommend cleaning your floors 3-5 times a week minimum and depending upon the foot traffic, or even a couple times per day. ServiceMaster uses wide wand tip backpack vacuums ideal for hardwood and other flat floor surfaces for quick and thorough particle cleanup. We follow up with microfiber flat mop cleaning which transforms the smell of your space into a fresh clean scent that is noticeably delightful.
  • Clean spills immediately. It is important to remove spills completely and promptly. Wipe the area with a soft cloth and cleaning product specifically made for real hardwood flooring.
  • Keep out rain and water. Moisture not only ruins your floor's finish, but it can also seep deep into the wood and stain it. Wood around a kitchen sink or dishwasher needs an area rug to catch water and protect the floor from water damage. It’s important to clean up spills immediately, put trays under potted plants, and close windows when expecting rain.
  • Place area rugs in high traffic spaces. Not only do area rugs look nice, but they can also protect your hardwood floors in high traffic spaces. You may want to consider placing an area rug around the entrance to your office to help collect damaging substances and keep the floor looking brand new.
  • Furniture pads will help eliminate the possibility of scratches. Investing in furniture pads to put under the feet of your office furniture may not be a bad idea. For example, you may have noticed, either at home or at the office, that when a couch is being sat on all day long by different people, it begins to move from its original spot. This can cause scratches on your hardwood floor. Furniture pads not only protect your floor from scratches but may also make it easier to move furniture around the office.
  • ServiceMaster Clean has innovative hardwood systems to revitalize your hardwood floor. ServiceMaster uses specialty wood floor care products and innovative equipment to keep your hardwood floors looking their best.

Since we recognize that businesses and industries have unique needs, we approach you with a customized service plan to bring solutions to your unique cleaning requirements. Contact us today for all of your commercial cleaning and wood floor care needs. With 24/7 availability, we take calls day or night, responding to customer needs in Harford County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City.