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How Often Should You Schedule Office Cleaning Services?

If the majority of the employees in your office or your building have been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have scaled back on your office cleaning services. Why clean if no one’s there, right? But now as the Baltimore area and the rest of the country slowly start moving back to the office, even if only as part of a hybrid work situation, building managers and facilities managers need to reevaluate their commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

We’ve put together some tips and questions to ask yourself as you think about scheduling your office cleaning. In general, most offices should schedule office cleaning anywhere from once a day to once a week, with periodic deep cleaning. To help you make a more precise decision, read through these questions and our comments. This can help you nail down an office cleaning schedule that’s right for you.

  1. How Big Is Your Office or Business?

By this, we mean how many employees do you have in the office on a given day? The more employees you have and the more clients you have coming in, the more often you need to clean. That’s just because more people = more mess.

  1. Do All Areas Need to Be Cleaned?

In a word, yes. Employee restrooms and breakrooms should be cleaned and disinfected daily. All kinds of germs, bacteria and other microbes love to multiply in these spaces, so you need to keep on top of it. Some restrooms may need to be cleaned more than once a day if you have multiple employees and clients using one restroom.

And then depending again on how busy your office is and how many people are moving in and out, you may be able to set up a daily or weekly schedule for other office cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping floors, etc. We can start you out on a weekly schedule if you would prefer, and then move you to a daily office cleaning schedule if you find that would work better.

  1. How Often Do I Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

There is no set schedule for commercial carpet cleaning. How often you have us do it depends on the amount of foot traffic you have. Heavily-trafficked areas such as lobbies and hallways will need to be cleaned more often. Once a month or once every quarter would be a reasonable place to start. Less-trafficked areas such as corner offices may only need carpet cleaning once a year, other than spot cleaning.

  1. Do We Need Antimicrobial Services?

We think so. Consider Antimicrobial Services as an added layer of protection. If we’ve learned anything through this pandemic, it’s that we need to make every effort to give our clients a superior level of cleaning and disinfecting. That’s why we started offering our antimicrobial services. This advanced shield technology, when applied to surfaces, kills Coronavirus and other microbes on contact and provides up to 90 days of preventive protection.

That saves you money because we don’t have to disinfect as often, and it can help reduce sick time due to the spread of cold and flu viruses as well as Coronavirus.

We hope reading through this gives you a better idea of how often you should schedule office cleaning services. Remember, a clean office boosts employee morale and gives a good first impression to clients. And by adding the antimicrobial services, you show your employees you care about everyone’s health.

If you need healthcare facility or medical office cleaning services, those are on a different schedule altogether – daily and sometimes multiple cleanings a day are needed to comply with regulations.

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