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Commercial Cleaning Tips for Autumn

Whether you’re a building owner, property manager, facilities manager, or business owner, you know that keeping your building(s) clean is of utmost importance to your tenants and prospective customers. While regular janitorial services can keep the bathrooms clean and the carpets vacuumed, deep cleaning of other areas should be done at least twice a year.

Your commercial cleaning company should be suggesting that you do a deep spring clean and another in the autumn. If they haven’t mentioned it, you may want to take time to review your overall cleaning plan and schedule some extra project cleaning.

We’ve pulled together some tips to help ensure your building, your tenants, employees, and prospective customers benefit.

  1. Vacuum Low and High

With regular vacuuming, the focus is on your carpeting. Fall is a great time to use vacuum cleaner attachments and vacuum up high, as well. Cobwebs can easily form in corners that don’t get much attention. Fall is also the time that spiders like to move inside and build a home. Ask your commercial cleaning company to notify you if they see an infiltration of bugs or insects. You can then notify your pest control company.

  1. Dust High and Hard to Reach Areas

Ceiling fans, hanging lights, and other fixtures collect a lot of dust. But these high fixtures may not be included in your regular commercial cleaning plan. Dust them at least every spring and every fall.

  1. Deep Clean Hard Surface Floors

Tile floors, concrete floors, vinyl floors, and hardwood floors could all use deep cleaning and sealing in the fall. This serves a two-fold purpose: You get rid of all of the dirt and grime tracked in since last spring, and by sealing the floors, you protect them from the salt and other deicers that will most certainly be tracked in this winter.

  1. Clean the Windows Inside and Out

Pollen, dirt, and grime may be covering the outside of your windows, while ordinary dust and residue coat the inside. Cleaning your windows in the fall helps you make the most of the dwindling natural light that comes with fall and winter. Clean the windowsills as well. If the windows open, clean the tracks, too.

  1. Deep Clean the Restrooms

Regular toilet cleaning, cleaning of the sinks and mirrors, and mopping the floor will keep your restrooms in acceptable condition. You should also schedule a deep clean in autumn, which can involve tile and grout cleaning, scrubbing the floor behind toilets, wiping down and disinfecting the walls, and cleaning the drains.

  1. Deep Clean the Kitchen or Breakroom

If your building or office has a kitchen or breakroom, it deserves a deep clean, too. Your commercial cleaning company takes care of the floors and counters. But does anyone clean the microwave? Give it a deep clean now, and schedule the same to be done monthly. Emphasize to your employees to clean it if something they’re reheating or cooking splatters.

Now is a good time to deep clean the cupboards and refrigerator, too. Dispose of anything that has reached its expiration date. Remove everything from the refrigerator and clean and sanitize the shelves and drawers, along with the door seals.

  1. Change HVAC and Air Filters

Your facilities maintenance team should be changing your HVAC filters regularly. As your building switches over from running the AC to heating, it’s especially important to ensure that you have new filters in place. And if you have air purifiers or air cleaners, remove and clean or replace those filters as applicable.

  1. Organize an Office Cleaning Day for Your Employees

If you run an office or office building, schedule a cleaning day for your employees. No, this is not about them cleaning the bathroom or break room. This is about them reducing clutter and helping organize the office. Provide extra trashcans they can use to dispose of old reports, food wrappers, and anything that’s not needed anymore.

Provide disinfecting wipes they can use to wipe down their desk and get to that coffee spill they forgot about. They should also wipe down their phone, computer, keyboard, and filing cabinets.

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