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Is Your Janitorial Services Team Making the Grade?

With school starting, now is a good time as a principal, facilities manager, or even school board member, to take a close look at how clean your educational facilities are. Do you like what you see? Sparkling bathrooms? Shiny floors? Your janitorial services team gets an A+.

If your trash bins are overflowing and there never seems to be enough toilet paper or paper towels in the bathrooms, or the light fixtures in the library STILL don’t have new light bulbs, your team may be heading towards a failing grade.

What to Do If Your Current Team Is Not Meeting Your Expectations

If your current janitorial services team is not meeting your expectations, you have several options. What you choose to do will depend on the size of the problem and how long it’s been going on.

In-House Team

With an in-house team, these people are your employees. You can give a performance review to one or more individuals. You can give them a chance to improve. If it’s a situation where you have already given a second chance, you may decide it’s time to look for a replacement for the one employee.

If, however, the team as a whole isn’t meeting expectations, you may decide to outsource, and save yourself some HR headaches as well as improve your bottom line. Keep reading to learn more.

Consider Outsourcing Your Janitorial Services

There are several reasons to outsource your janitorial services. These include cost effectiveness, flexibility, expertise, and more. Let’s take a look.

Cost Effectiveness

If you currently have a janitorial staff who are employees of your educational facility, you may be paying more than you should. With a commercial cleaning company, you can achieve economy of scale. Instead of hiring a separate janitorial staff for each school building, you hire one company. You pay a flat rate instead of an hourly rate for each janitor.

And by outsourcing, you don’t have to pay for workers’ compensation insurance for each employee. A commercial janitorial services provider will cover that insurance, as well as liability insurance. In addition, you don’t have to purchase cleaning supplies, equipment, or pay for training. We take care of all of those costs.

Enhanced Flexibility

By outsourcing your janitorial services, you get a larger workforce at your fingertips. Do you need someone to do specialty cleaning for a big event? No problem. You also don’t have to worry about scheduling a replacement when your regular janitor gets sick or needs to take time off. A commercial provider handles all of the scheduling.

We tailor our cleaning schedule to your needs. That can include daytime cleaning as well as after-hours cleaning. And for colleges and universities, where the learning never stops, we work weekends too!


How hard can it be to clean a toilet or mop a floor, you say. Cleaning and sanitizing your facility to keep it looking its best as well as preventing the spread of contagious diseases takes specialized training. You need a janitorial services team that says up to date with the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

All of our employees undergo location-specific training to ensure your students, faculty, and staff benefit from the highest standard of clean.

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