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What Should be on Your Warehouse Cleaning Checklist?

Companies use warehouses for numerous reasons – from storing seasonal equipment, supplies for your business, excess inventory, and much more. While the biggest benefit of warehouses is the additional space they provide for businesses to take advantage of, a large setback for many is the additional time and attention needed to ensure things stay clean.

In the case that you already have an in-house team that handles the maintenance of your warehouse or you’re in the process for researching which Carol Stream commercial cleaning company is the best, it’s important to know exactly what should be involved in the cleaning of your facilities to:

  • Ensure that your warehouse is being cleaned correctly and nothing is being overlooked
  • Know what warehouse cleaning tasks to ask about when searching for a new vendor

With nearly 50 years of experience cleaning warehouses and different commercial properties of various sizes in Carol Stream and the nearby areas, we're here to help you determine what should be included in your cleaning checklist.

What Makes Warehouse Cleaning So Important?

Even if you're a pro at cleaning, specialized attention and care are needed in warehouse settings because unmaintained warehouses present several dangers and will ultimately lead to unsafe working conditions , as noted by OHSA and other organizations.

Without an established cleaning plan, your warehouse can:

  • Accumulate massive amounts of dust in equipment
  • Decrease productivity due to a dirty environment
  • Develop fire, trip, and other safety hazards for employees
  • Be in defiance of OHSA and other local laws

How to Maintain Your Warehouse's Cleanliness, Safety& Environment

Dust can create a dangerous working environment and reduce efficiency at your warehouse, but cleaning schedules customized around your operation schedule can be the key to keeping your facility dirt, dust, and grime free.

Floor Cleaning

Warehouse floor cleaning is among the most important items on this list because the floor can impact everyone in the warehouse, whether they're using a forklift, on a ladder, or simply walking. Oil spills, dust, dirt, other debris, and all-around neglected flooring can create unsafe conditions .

Not cleaning your floor can also attract dirt and grime into other important warehouse areas, including office spaces, waiting areas, break rooms, and more – creating more of a mess throughout your facilities.

Some things to remember when caring for your commercial flooring include:

  • Sweep and scrub your flooring first to pick up any loose debris
  • Use the correct cleaning equipment for the type of flooring your warehouse has
  • Investing in professional floor maintenance can extend the lifespan of your floors
  • Schedule your routine floor cleaning during downtime to minimize disruptions

Window Cleaning

Even with the highest windows in your warehouse, they still play an important role in your staff's overall morale, productivity, and safety, and the first impression you may make on a potential client, inspector, or passerby.

Clean windows will also let in more natural light, which is always great! Additionally, without routine cleaning, windows can weaken over time, become more susceptible to cracks and will need to be replaced.

Regular Disinfection

While wiping your surfaces with disinfection wipes may be enough to protect your home against viruses, it's important to have your property disinfected using commercial grade and EPA-approved solutions and systems.

It's best to hire out your facility's cleaning needs to professionals to ensure proper disinfection and cleaning of your warehouse and adjacent offices, but it's also important to maintain a healthy and clean environment by investing in disinfecting products and tools to refill your property's stock regularly.

Here are other things you can do to increase your warehouse's current disinfection practices:

  • Ensure staff is trained on using cleaning and disinfecting products
  • Request professional clean if illness breaks out among staff
  • Make sure all your cleaning supplies are approved by EPA
  • Develop a plan to prevent waste and trash build-up in receptacles
More Traffic, More Germs

Routine disinfection is even more important in warehouses with high traffic. Frequently touched surfaces, such as light switches, computer equipment, door handles, handrails, and more, will need to be sanitized daily, if not more frequently, to reduce the spread of illness in your facility.

Turn to a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company for Reliable Results

The importance of regular warehouse cleaning cannot be understated as it leads to a healthier and safer workplace for your employees and customers. It can be a rather large investment, so it must be done right by professionals you trust.

Even if your team has training and supplies needed to uphold the day-to-day appearance, it's best to have the deep cleaning, sanitizing, and regular maintenance completed by a professional commercial cleaning company.

ServiceMaster Relies on 65+ Years of National Experience

That's where ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream comes in – if you're lacking the tools, time, or employees to handle a few cleaning tasks or the bulk of your warehouse's cleaning needs, our Carol Stream cleaning professionals are here to help.

We're equipped with the best warehouse cleaning equipment, trusted systems, and a team of professionally trained, insured, and detailed cleaning professionals, ready to help you keep your local warehouse clean. We're dedicated to becoming your go-to professionals for all things commercial warehouse cleaning and delivering superior results every time.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream will help keep your warehouse clean so you can focus on serving your customers – contact us online to get your cleaning quote today!