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7 Key Things Your Office Janitorial Staff May be Missing

All offices have janitorial staff. While many know exactly what they need to clean every week, floor by floor, others may not be getting everything on the list done right. Why is this?

Sometimes the cleaning crew you have on hands is understaffed, or the vendor you're working with doesn't care and continues to take shortcuts - much to your employees, clients, and your business's future's detriment. Poor cleaning leads to safety risks and health concerns and can negatively impact any visitor's first impressions of your team or office. So, what can you do? Double check your current practices and ensure you’re getting the best possible clean possible.

What Should Always Be on Your Office's Commercial Cleaning Checklist

But where are you supposed to start? What should be included in your daily and weekly office cleaning services? Don't worry – ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream is here with a list of seven things that should always be on your office's cleaning checklist and how you can ensure that they are always taken care of during your office's janitorial services.

1. Daily Carpet Cleaning, Spot Treatments, & More

Office carpets see hundreds of steps a day and are dirt magnets, so without the proper daily carpet care they deserve, you're asking for unruly, stained, and worn carpets that are unsightly and can even harbor allergens that cause sneezing, headaches, and more for those who enter your space.

Daily carpet care and maintenance include:

  • Spot treatment as stains pop up
  • Vacuuming to ensure a uniform appearance
  • Routine cleaning to remove pollutants, debris, and dirt

Annual cleaning is a must, but so is routine carpet maintenance! The proper care will extend the lifespan of your carpets.

2. Kitchen & Bathroom Restocking

If you're not restocking your kitchens and bathrooms with the basic supplies needed to keep these important areas of your office operating smoothly and clean as spills and splashes may come up, the future cleaning may be more challenging to undertake.

Keeping up on even the small act of restocking different areas in the office can greatly impact employees' productivity and happiness. This can include paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, cleaning supplies, napkins, straws, cups, and more. Additionally, neglecting these spaces and limiting their stock of items can be seen as disingenuous to your staff.

3. Light Switch Plate Cleaning

This one may be very specific, but for a good reason. While everyone knows that proper cleaning and disinfection services begin with the dusting and cleaning of high-touch areas like doorknobs, handrails, light switches, and more, one often overlooked item is the light switch plate.

While you may think a quick spray or wipe down of the actual switch is enough, since that's the main point of contact, the entirety of the light switch can hold countless amounts of bacteria and germs that will cover the switch again in no time. Ensure you completely wipe down every centimeter of the light switch plates during every cleaning.

4. Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Whether in your lobby or private office, there's a chance that you have a couch, upholstered chair, or even curtains. Regardless of what you have in your office, it's important to ensure that any soft materials are routinely cleaned.

Germs, bacteria, and even mold spores will find their way onto curtains, loveseats, and more and will stick there for up to 6 months at a time without ever being touched by a janitor. It's important to clean these frequently used and approached surfaces to improve your environment.

5. Office Equipment Deep Cleaning

Of course, your office equipment should be cleaned, just as the rest of your office should. It's important that no equipment is overlooked – especially the pieces used daily. Deep cleaning should be done yearly and routine cleaning done at least once a week.

Some of the dirtiest pieces of office equipment include:

  • Water cooler
  • Fridge and microwave
  • Keyboards, mice, and monitors
  • Copiers and printers
  • Desk lamps
  • Filing cabinets and mailboxes
  • Headsets and telephones
  • Office extras (ping pong tables, fitness centers, etc.)

6. Indoor Décor Cleaning

In both traditional and more casual office environments, the cleaning staff should be cleaning and dusting your office's décor in addition to keeping up with the rest of the equipment.

Décor often missed during commercial cleaning services include:

  • Awards
  • Plaques
  • Bookshelves
  • Plants
  • Art
  • Signs
  • Crown molding
  • Baseboards
  • Floor lamps
  • Tables

7. Hard-to-Reach Areas

When it comes to getting rid of dirt and grime, it's important to not just clean the surfaces that you can reach. Your team, or the team you're paying to clean your office, needs to have the right tools and safety equipment to get rid of dirt in hard-to-reach places, providing your office with a more thorough clean.

Some of the most common hard-to-reach spots missed by office cleaners include:

  • Underneath desks and furniture
  • Around vents and in air ducts
  • Windows and windowsills
  • Behind office equipment
  • Ceiling corners
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Light fixtures
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Tall door frames
  • High shelves

Completing top-down cleaning in your office can ensure that all dust, dirt, grime, and bacteria lurking in every corner of your office are eliminated, your indoor air quality stays great, and things look great.

How Can I Keep My Office Clean with Regular Cleaning Services?

Maintain a truly clean, happy, and healthy office with the help of ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream. Our Carol Stream office cleaning professionals have years of experience cleaning small offices, large corporate campuses, and everything in between, so you can rest assured knowing that your employees, customers, and business are taken care of.

We rely on commercial-grade equipment, EPA-registered cleaning solutions, and time-tested cleaning techniques to deliver a level of clean you can't find anywhere else. We'll develop a plan based on your office's schedule, too – ensuring disruptions to your normal operations are minimized.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream will ensure all of your workplace guidelines are implemented and your office always looks, feels, and smells great – contact us online to learn more about the cleaning services that are available for your office building.