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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services: When Is It Needed & Why?

Commercial floor cleaning is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of business maintenance and cleaning. As a business owner or property manager, you'll inevitably find yourself in a position to decide how the floor cleaning will need to be done.

While floor cleaning can be easily outsourced to a commercial cleaning company or taken on by your in-house staff with the right training and cleaning equipment, not cleaning your commercial floors correctly could critically impact your business's reputation, the safety of your employees and visitors, and even your bottom line.

That's why we’re here with the commercial cleaning services to get it done and the expert knowledge to help you learn more about why floor cleaning is so important and how often it should be done for your facilities.

When Do Commercial Floors Need to be Cleaned?

The average answer you'll find for how often your commercial floors should be cleaned is at least once a month – but it depends! Higher-traffic businesses or facilities with heavily regulated and strict cleaning guidelines may need to be cleaned more frequently, with a deeper clean needing to be done every few weeks.

Different Types of Floor Materials

The specific cleaning needs can also depend on what your flooring is made of:


Carpet takes longer to dry than your other flooring surfaces. Because of this, it is best to avoid scheduling your annual deep clean during your busier months. Regular vacuuming is key in keeping the carpet's fibers free from dust, dirt, and other debris from building up. Regular spot treatments can be done to ensure stains don't take away from your routine carpet care.

Ceramic Tile

Tile and grout can take a bit of time to clean, but the results produce a vibrant, renewed floor that you, your employees, and your customers will love. Daily mopping can keep things looking fresh, while regular grout cleaning should be done once or twice a year, depending on foot traffic.


Commercial flooring is commonly made from concrete, mainly in industrial and warehouse settings. Regardless of the finish, concrete attracts dust, dirt, and grime, so daily mopping is a must, along with yearly deep floor cleanings.


No matter where you have hardwood around your business, the look it creates is well worth every penny of the installation. It's important to have any hardwood mopped twice a month.


Laminate requires close to no maintenance and can take a beating, easily handling a lot of foot traffic. Mopping should only be needed around every couple of months or so and should be done with a damp, microfiber mop, as too much moisture can cause the laminate to warp.

Why Would You Need Commercial Floor Cleaning?

There are many reasons why your commercial property may need its floors cleaned:

  • To preserve your commercial property's environment to keep your employees, customers, and visitors happy and healthy
  • After renovation or restoration to clean up tape marks, paint specks, drywall dust, and other post-construction materials
  • To prepare your space for a large gathering or event or to clean up after one

Benefits of Commercial Floor Cleaning

While you may think keeping your commercial flooring clean is about locking in that great first impression and preserving a welcoming environment with a new customer, that's not all – there are many other reasons why regular floor cleaning is important to your commercial property.

Keep Your Employees & Visitors Safe

Whether you own a small store or a large corporate campus, keeping your employees and visitors safe with clean flooring by reducing slip, trip, and fall hazards is important. According to research done by the National Floor Safety Institute, 85% of workers' compensation claims include employees getting injured from slipping on slick floors, either due to poor cleaning, missed cleaning, or the wrong solution being used to clean the floor.

Choosing to have your commercial flooring cleaned regularly and by a professional team will help you reduce the chance of accidents happening in your workplace, keeping yourself, your employees, and visitors safe.

Create a Healthy Environment in Your Facilities

Aside from keeping everyone physically safe, commercial floor cleaning can keep your facility's environment healthy to make things comfortable, improve your indoor air quality, and reduce the spread of bacteria around your building.

Daily or weekly vacuuming is a must! When it comes to your commercial carpeting, dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, and active mold spores can get dragged into your property and embedded deep into your carpet fibers, causing things to look less than appealing. The impurities will also cause uncomfortable breathing conditions for everyone in your business.

Hard flooring will also need to be cleaned to prevent the spread of bacteria and dust in your facilities, which gets kicked up and grabs onto the bottom of shoes easily. Professional commercial floor cleaning will ensure that the right solutions and equipment are being used to ensure that instead of things being spread around, harmful elements are destroyed with proper sanitation methods.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Commercial Flooring

Hard flooring surfaces easily attract dirt and grime and can cause scratches and scuffs to the surface if not removed regularly, especially if you see heavy foot traffic. Neglecting floors for too long will result in even more damage, but most of all, damage can be avoided with a regular commercial floor cleaning plan, saving you from expensive repairs and replacements.

Fit Into Your Existing Janitorial Services

Often, a top to bottom cleaning is used anyways, so cleaning your floor is necessary to pick up any dirt or debris that may have fallen as fans, shelves, and other higher edges were wiped down.

Besides the purchase and storage of the correct floor scrubber, there's not a whole lot of extra cleaning equipment that's needed, but business owners will often end up forgoing the floor cleaning responsibilities and instead outsource a professional cleaning company to handle it – including the rest of the cleaning and disinfection tasks needed around your building.

Turn to a Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company for Help Getting it Done

Whether you're looking for a one-time project clean-up, cleaning before a big event, or routine services to keep your environment looking and feeling great, turn to a professional commercial cleaning company for help.

Not only does doing this take the stress out of cleaning your commercial flooring, but it'll also save you time and money, all while ensuring the proper floor cleaning services are being done for your facilities. At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream, we'll create a custom commercial cleaning plan that'll capture the needs of your space and be tailored to the materials used around your property.

Ready to learn more about our floor cleaning services? Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream to get started!