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How Often Should My Workplace be Cleaned

Cleaning a wall - frequency of cleaningJust like every home is different, every workplace is different too. There are a variety of factors that go into the necessity of cleaning frequency in the workplace, not just day-to-day pickup. While there are some things you must do everyday, not all commercial spaces and businesses require a professional a team to come in each day for a deep scrub down.

There are 5 important questions to consider when determining how often you need to have your business cleaned by a commercial cleaning company and team.

  1. What is the industry of your business?
  2. Do you have an office staff?
  3. Do you have customers and client visit your office/workspace daily?
  4. What is the season?
  5. How often are you in the office?

Depending on the industry, the law often requires certain sanitation and cleaning procedures/practices to be both performed and adhered to in order to remain open and operating. If your business is a medical clinic or healthcare facility, then not only will it require daily cleaning but daily sanitation as well. If your facility processes food or consumable goods, then daily cleaning and sanitation, like in healthy care, must be performed in order to prevent the transfer of germs, bacteria and other pathogens. Make sure to speak with your local commercial cleaning company to discuss your cleaning needs for your specific business.

Who comes into your office or workplace is just as important to the frequency of cleaning as the industry. If your office has a staff in the workplace daily, you will want to have daily pickup services, but perhaps only a deep cleaning once or twice a week. This number is deterrent on how many employees you have in the space. If your office sees customers and client every day, your office needs to be cleaned everyday. This does not only mean having the garbage taken out and toilets cleaned, there is far more into the commercial cleaning process then meets the eye.

The season is also very important because spring and summer not only bring heat, but they can bring pollen too. The fall months can bring dust and even leaves inside. When speaking with your commercial cleaning representative, discuss the need for cleaning depending on the season. The spring and summer months require much more frequent cleaning than the winter.

While having your workplace cleaned by a professional cleaning crew may not be at the top of your To-Dos, it should be. When you office or workspace is cleaned and well cared for, it shows your care for your business and thus are likely to also put the same care into your clients and customers needs as you do your business. Having a clean office or facility will not only help you with retaining new customers and clients, but it can decrease potential office accidents. You will not only save money when you hire a professional cleaning service but it can make you money too. In addition, it will increase the in-office moral because a clean workplace is a happy workplace.

The team at ServiceMaster of Wake County servicing Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and other surrounding areas is able to cater your cleaning schedule and needs based on your business and specific cleaning requirements. Call ServiceMaster of Wake County today to schedule your free estimate!