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4 Ways a Clean Office Leads to Increased Productivity

Clean and Productive Environment  

Boosting employee engagement and productivity is a goal that every office wants to stay on top of. But while your ice breaking sessions and employee retreats may be a great temporary fix for boosting their morale, there’s something very fundamental that so many offices overlook – office cleanliness.

We don’t just mean sweeping the floor and taking out the trash. We mean the kind of deep clean that makes you feel like you are in a space that is fresh, clean and somewhere you can be happy to work in. If you’re still in doubt of how a clean office leads to increased productivity, we show you four ways to change your mind!

1. Reduce the Chances of Employee Sickness

A cleaner office means less dust, debris, and overall prevention of germs and bacteria buildup. If you don’t get your office cleaned out regularly, you’re risking spiking allergies in employees and spreading any viral infections that may be in the air.

Regular disinfection of high touch areas can reduce how the germs are spread and reduce the chances of employees falling sick.

2. Better Air Quality

Offices can be stuffy, uncomfortable places to stay in for long periods of time. Considering most adults spend a good portion of their day inside an office, it’s a shame to be breathing in poor air.

You can improve the air quality in your office by following a consistent schedule of getting your office cleaned professionally so that you know you’re eliminating any dust that may have settled in or on any surfaces. This ensures that your employees are breathing in fresh, clean air.

3. Welcoming Atmosphere

Just like bright lighting and colorful accents in a room can have a positive effect on a person’s mood, a clean and organized workplace can have a motivating effect on an employee’s morale. No one likes walking into an office coated with dirty floors, dusty surfaces, and stained furniture.

Regular cleaning will do more than just improve an employees health – it’ll also make all of them view their surroundings as warm and welcoming, and encourage them to work with more comfort and ease.

4. Reduced Stress Levels

A number of research studies have shown that a cluttered office leads to a decrease in productivity. A clean office will naturally most likely be a less cluttered office. And it’s not just about stray papers here and there – it’s also about the peace of mind when you go to a clean bathroom or have stain-free furniture to sit on and appliances that aren’t sticky or have a weird smell to them.

Getting yourself a trusted team of professional cleaners who can provide you with regular cleaning services should be a part of your business plan.Not just for the physical benefits it provides but for the mental clarity and encouragement it gives to everyone!

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