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Keep Your Office Clean by Anticipating These 4 Changes

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The best solution to a cleaning problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. This holds true as far as commercial building maintenance is concerned as well. By taking a proactive approach when it comes to commercial cleaning, not only to prevent a bigger mess from emerging later but also to save up on the cleaning cost. Keep your office clean by anticipating these 4 changes with taking action accordingly.

1. Weather

Changes in weather should be taken into account in how much and how frequently your office would require cleaning. In spring for instance, when the snow is melting and the ground is muddy, you are likely to need cleaning. Meanwhile, in late summer, when the weather is dry and leaves have yet to fall, you shouldn’t require as much cleaning.

2. Construction Projects

A construction project, any office upgrade, or repair works can greatly complicate a cleaning task. To prevent a mess later or overwhelming your cleaning crew, it is important that you notify them in advance as well as to consider measures that can reduce the spread of the mess that construction or repairs would naturally create.

3. Foot Traffic

The frequency of people coming and going through your office is bound to affect the cleaning effort. During times of heavy foot traffic such as when the company is having a mass hiring, hosting an event or just having more people coming and going in general, keeping the office spotless can be really difficult. Avoid predicaments by anticipating the traffic levels in advance and adjusting the cleaning measures accordingly.

4. Flu Season

During certain times of the year, people are at a higher risk of catching the flu or cold. Due to the closed office environment, just one ill-person can potentially contaminate the entire office and make everyone sick. Special care will be needed by the cleaning crew to ensure that the catch of infection is minimized. This can include using disinfecting agents and regularly cleaning frequent contact areas such as doorknobs.

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