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Clearing Up Costly Carpet Cleaning Myths

As a Madison, WI business owner or manager, you know that your company has invested a great deal of money in carpeting. Therefore, it’s financially and aesthetically beneficial to properly care for it. The best way to do this is to hire a commercial cleaning company in Madison, WI that offers professional carpet cleaning services.

Unfortunately, many misconceptions or myths about carpet cleaning persist. To clear those up, the pros at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance have listed some of the most common carpet cleaning myths below, along with the straight facts:

Wait as long as possible between professional carpet cleaning appointments.
No. Dirt is an abrasive like sandpaper. Every time customers, vendors, employees or patients walk on your carpets, dirt is ground further into its fibers, where it cuts and destroys them. Professional carpet cleaning removes the dirt better than regular vacuuming can, prolonging your carpet’s life.

The only reason to clean carpet is to remove the dirt.
No. Professional carpet cleaning prevents your carpet from becoming matted and crushed by removing the oils that are tracked in from the bottom of people’s shoes. When oil is allowed to build up, it causes carpet fibers to clump together and compress. Professional cleaning also removes pollens, fungus, bacterial, smoke and many other nasty substances that can wind up in carpeting and adversely affect the health of the people in your facility.

Every carpet cleaning company is the same.
No. When it’s time to get your commercial carpets cleaned, seek out a reliable company with extensive experience. ServiceMaster Building Maintenance has been locally owned, independently operated and in business for 25 years. We’ve built our business on providing top-notch cleaning and customer service to our valued clients year after year. When you call with a request, you will speak directly to a person who knows you and the carpet cleaning needs of your facility.

All carpet cleaning methods are the same.
No. Different companies offer different methods and they’re not all equally effective at getting your carpets as clean and fresh smelling as possible. ServiceMaster Building Maintenance offers the most technologically advanced carpet cleaning methods available and the expertise to use them. We also offer green cleaning products!

In Wisconsin, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance serves the communities of Madison, Appleton, Green Bay and La Crosse. In Minnesota we serve Winona, and in Iowa the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City communities. For outstanding commercial carpet cleaning, call today!