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A common misconception I hear from new customers has to do with our cleaning system on and around work stations.  Our cleaners are trained to wipe down and sanitize all open surfaces during each cleaning.  However, when your cleaner encounters a desk that is covered in stacks of paper, he or she is trained to bypass this desk without cleaning it.  You’d be more upset with us for messing up your pile of papers than if your desk was not cleaned.  But I also encourage our customers to let their employees know that if they create an open surface, we will make sure it gets cleaned.  So if your desk is frequently covered by mounds of paper (don’t worry, you’re not alone!), we advise that as often as possible, clear your desk before your janitor is scheduled to clean in your office to ensure the proper sanitization and cleaning of your work area.  As a matter of fact, most office work areas are less sanitary than a restroom toilet seat!

Additionally, the same concept applies to all work and personal items on office desks which includes pictures, awards, trinkets, etc.  If the desks in your facility contain these items, we suggest they be moved for the same reasons.  Whether the value of the items is monetary and/or sentimental, we want those items safe and unharmed.  Our policy is to not touch or move your personal items.  Because of this, we ask that these items be shifted around or moved off your desk on occasion so we may properly clean and sanitize that area.  We understand that it is our responsibility to clean all areas of your office; however we cannot accomplish this task and ensure the safety of your belongings without a little help.  So help us help you deliver the highest quality cleaning service possible.