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Learn from the Experts:

Q: How does your disinfection process work:

A: Our disinfection process involves cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas in your facility.  According to the CDC, the first step in the disinfection process is cleaning the surface to remove dirt, dust, and debris.

Q: What method do you use to disinfect?

A: We use a hands-on application process, recommended by the CDC.  This method gives more control over how much product is applied to help ensure it is effective.

Q: How effective is your disinfection method?

A: Our hands-on application method is more labor-intensive than some other methods, which makes it one of the most effective methods available.  At ServiceMaster Clean, we are the experts in environmental services, and have been for over 65 years.  Our teams have been thoroughly trained on the proper steps to clean and disinfect your facility.

Q: Some companies are using a fogging method.  Why aren’t you doing that?

A: The EPA currently doesn’t recommend a fogging method.  Current fogging application methods being employed by other companies are imprecise and therefore unreliable.

Q: Will the disinfectant used by ServiceMaster Clean damage surfaces or furniture?

A: The disinfectant used by ServiceMaster Clean is effective at disinfecting hard, non-porous surfaces.  Additionally, while soft, porous surfaces cannot be guaranteed to be disinfected due to their porous nature, the disinfectant will sanitize these surfaces.  Our teams are trained to spot test in an inconspicuous area on any less-common surfaces, such as wood, as well as on carpet and upholstery.