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residential upholstery cleaning in Lakeland

Fabric furnishings are often heavily used and thus show soil and dirt quickly. The ServiceMaster Commercial Services' professionals are experts at selecting the correct cleaning system for various fabric types and soil conditions.

​For all upholstery cleaning, our technicians use specially-designed products, equipment, and methods every step of the way. This inclues initial vacuuming and spot treatment, cleaning, rinsing, water extraction, and washing and polishing frames.


Reliable Upholstery Cleaning in Lakeland, FL

At ServiceMaster Commercial Services, we use the following steps to clean your upholstery:

Upholstery Cleaning Lakeland FL

Upholstery Inspection

  1. Testing the fabric
  2. Prepping the area
  3. Grooming
  4. Spot treatment


If you are looking for a water extraction company with the latest equipment to help clean your upholstry, ServiceMaster Commercial Services is the team for you! The loosened soil from the upholstery inspection step will be extracted from the fabric and rinsed

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Prepare the fabric for drying and review the results of the cleaning

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