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Your Dental Office Cleaning Checklist

Empty dental chairWhen you visit a dental clinic, what’s the first thing you notice about it? Probably how neat and tidy it is, right? After, keeping patients satisfied and healthy is every dentist’s top-most priority. This is why it is important for dentists to create a dental cleaning office checklist.

Scroll down to find out what to include in your very own dental cleaning office checklist.

Dental Office cleaning checklist:

Take cleanliness to a whole new level by using our commercial cleaning services in your dental clinic. Use this checklist to create a good impression on your patients.

Reception room
Try putting yourself in the patient's shoes and observe the way your reception area looks. You might get surprised. A clean reception area will create a good perception of you and your clinic since that area tends to be the patient's first impression of your office.

With the help of carpet cleaning services, you can get your carpets steamed to make them look brand-new, or replace old and dirty carpets with new ones.

  • Wash your windows to make them look fresh and new.
  • Clean your blinds and drapes.
  • Dusting will help make your furniture look clean and tidy.
  • Reception desk files should be filed in an organized way.
  • The reception desk should be disinfected and clean.
  • It would help if you washed glass entryways to make them look brand-new.

Patient treatment areas
Another major part of a checklist for clinics of all sizes is the treatment areas. Patients tend to measure the quality of their experience at a dental clinic. Hence, it is vital to clean and thoroughly disinfect patient treatment areas with high-quality disinfectants and hire a janitorial cleaning service that well trained in healthcare facility cleaning as well.

  • Disinfect patients’ chairs, armrests, and headrests.
  • The entrance door and door knobs should be disinfected.
  • Dental equipment should be washed properly and disinfected.
  • Windows should be washed, and your drapes should be cleaned.

Make sure the bathroom is clean and is always in good condition. You can hire a janitorial cleaning service to help out in the following ways:

  • Clean your bathroom windows and mirrors.
  • Disinfect and mop the bathroom floor.
  • Clean the areas under the sink and behind the toilet.
  • Your bathroom toilet(s) and sink(s) should be checked for leaks.

Also, the clinic's bathroom should be stocked fully with liquid soaps, toilet paper, and towels. Try keeping good quality soap, hot towels, and regularly spray your bathroom with a pleasant fragrance. Keeping additional hygiene supplies and amenities can help you earn extra points.

The Team
Cleaning yourself first is more important than anything else. You and your team should take care of their hygiene by keeping hair, nails, and body clean. Your attire should be professional, wrinkle-free, and neat.

The most vital part of your cleaning list should include discarding wastes. One should not leave garbage in dustbins for too long since it leads to the growth of germs and bacteria. Hence, waste should be dumped frequently. Clinical wastes should be discarded per industry-standards; if they are not followed, it can result in heavy fines.

Restocking and re-filling
Restocking and re-filling may not be a part of cleaning, but it is important to refill items like soap, towels and toilet paper. It won’t leave a good impression on your clients if they are washing their hands, and there is no soap and no towels available to wash and dry their hands.

Once that checklist is ready and you know what you need, the next step is to find a reliable commercial cleaning company and you will be good to go!