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Office Checklist - 10 Things Most Businesses Forget to Clean

Office chair on soft carpetWhile most businesses will try their best to keep their office places spotless, there will often be areas that will get overlooked. In this short checklist, we present you with the 10 things most businesses forget to clean.

1. Door Knobs & Switch Plates
A good way to spread illness around the office is by neglecting cleaning your doorknobs & switch plates. Since they are touched hundreds of times by different people, there is no telling what kind of harmful germs may be gathered on it. Have them cleaned regularly.

2. Office Chairs
The amount of dust and debris you will find accumulated in the chairs of many offices will surprise you. Because deep cleaning them can be quite difficult, they are often neglected.

3. Behind Printers and Copy Machines
Dust, residual particles, and all sorts of debris can collect around the crevices and behind your office printers and copy machines. Unless addressed, the mess can build-up and damage your machines.

4. Picture Frames
Dirt and grime build-up in the edges and top of picture frames can be difficult to spot and hence, easy to forget about when cleaning.

5. Baseboards
Similar to the case mentioned above, baseboards are also often neglected when cleaning as the dust on them doesn’t easily catch one’s eye.

6. Light Fixtures
Dirt, dust, and even bugs can pile-up in and around your office light fixtures, causing their light to become dull and even become a health hazard.

7. Vents
Extensive usage of the building’s ventilation and heating system can result in debris becoming trapped in the vents. They should be routinely clean to ensure the health of office workers or the efficiency of the system is not compromised.

8. Ceiling Tiles
The rough surfaces or edges of the ceiling tiles can make it easy for grime or dirt to stick to them. Since they are most often out of eyesight, their dirtiness gets unnoticed.

9. Ceiling Fans
The blades your office ceiling fans easily attract dirt on them. Again, since they are often out of eyesight, their routine cleaning gets neglected.

10. Steps
Stairs attract a lot of foot traffic and hence, can gather up a lot of dirt. Yet, surprisingly, its clean-up is regularly neglected in offices.

In your next office clean-up, pay these areas the proper attention they need or go the extra mile and hire a professional cleaning service to make your office truly neat and spotless. If you are located in Wake County, North Carolina, consider hiring us at ServiceMaster Clean to get the best cleaning results at the most reasonable prices. For further details, call (919) 981-6553.