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How to Keep Your Office Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

Last week was the first day of winter and with cold weather comes illnesses like the cold and the flu. Cold and flu viruses spread easily from person to person, and they spread even faster with those whom you are in close proximity with, like your coworkers. Coming into contact not only with others but also especially with contaminated surfaces is one of the greatest contributing factors to getting sick. Here are some common office “hot spots”:

  • Other people’s hands
  • Doorknobs and handles (including microwaves and refrigerators)Person cleaning a sink faucet
  • Copier machine buttons and parts
  • Sink faucets and paper towel dispensers
  • Another person’s keyboard and phone
  • Coffee pot handle
  • Elevator buttons
  • Countertops
  • Shared books, files, and other office materials

In order to keep your office healthy, remind your staff to regularly wash their hands for at least 15-20 seconds with soap. We suggest having a bottle of hand sanitizer at every desk and counter and to use it whenever you leave or return to your desk or other location in the office. Try and encourage your employees to be vaccinated against the flu and make sure to send sick employees home. Allow employees who feel like they are coming down with an illness to work from home to prevent spreading any germs to others. During the cold and flu season, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Ask your office cleaning company to pay close attention to those germy “hot spots” we mentioned above when they are cleaning your office. Rest assured knowing that ServiceMaster of Wake County will never send a sick employee to your workplace to clean, they will always send a replacement to ensure there is no spreading of germs and illness.

Stay safe and healthy this winter season and take precautions when handling items and coming into contact with areas dubbed “germ hot spots”. No one wants to spend their day sick in bed.