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The Dirt Behind Mopping Floors

Man mopping a floor

Have you ever noticed that after scrubbing your floors you can still run a damp paper towel over it and the towel is still dirty? That’s not because the floor is still dirty, there is far more to the story.

Most businesses have a Vinyl Composite Tile for their choice of floor, and this flooring is usually coated with a few layers of floor finish. The finish is porous and when you walk across the finish with dirty shoes and track soil and other dirt you are grinding the grime into the wax. When the floors are mopped nightly it removes loose dust and dirt on top of the floor as well as sanitizes the surface. It does not however, remove the grime that has been worked into the finish.

When you scrub the floor with a paper towel you will use more pressure than a mop uses, thus removing soil. The pressure needed to remove the soil ground into the finish would require daily scrubbing. However, this is not cost effective for any businesses’ budget and a daily mopping gives you the look desire along with the peace of mind that the floors have been sanitized.

When it comes to mopping however the key is clean water and the right type of mop. Have you have noticed a dark line along the floor’s baseboard? Mopping with dirty water usually causes that buildup and dirty appearance, even though it was just mopped. Dirt is added to a mop bucket each time the mop is dunked into the water, if you don’t change the water you are just transferring the dirt and grime around the floors through the dirty water. Not only will your floors not get clean but the grime accumulating in the tile grout and baseboards will show and it’s not only unattractive but expensive to remove. Every team member at ServiceMaster of Wake County has been trained to change mop water once the water reaches a level of poor clarity.

In regards to the right type of mop, this is determined by how highly trafficked it is. For a building that is low trafficked, a flat mop is the ideal tool for the job. It’s lightweight, efficient and great at attracting soil and debris to it’s microfiber material. If your building floor is more highly trafficked and thus more soiled, a string mop is a better fit. The woven fibers are heavier and allow for better scrubbing where needed. As mentioned before, ensuring the water isn’t too dirty is also the key to clean floors.

Our experts at ServiceMaster of Wake County have the right tools and products to properly clean your facility. Trust us to get the job done right the first time, every time.