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Keep Your Office “Holiday Ready” With Commercial Cleaning

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Buying decoration items, stocking up on disposable plates and glasses, creating enjoyable ice-breaking games, and ordering delicious food — these are probably some of the most important things that are on top of our minds every time we plan an office party. But what about hiring commercial building cleaning professionals to clean the office?

Hiring commercial building cleaning professionals is something we tend to reserve for when the party’s over — it makes sense to pay for retail cleaning once the guests leave so that the mess they left behind can be cleaned. Sadly, this approach obstructs employees and clients from fully enjoying the office party and having a positive experience. We cannot think of a single person who is unaffected by an unhygienic environment or unclean restrooms.

Why Clean Before the Holiday Office Party?

Office parties are a great way to boost the co-worker camaraderie, but hosting a party is not as easy as it may sound. It requires a great deal of planning, ordering supplies, and — most importantly — a whole lot of cleaning. Many party planners fail to realize that cleaning before the party is essential, as it ensures your office building is holiday-ready.

Calling a commercial building maintenance expert is that step of party-hosting that you cannot afford to overlook because offices receive a huge footfall daily. From clients to investors to employees, everyone visits your office building, touches the handles, counters, and uses the restrooms. For this reason, you need to have it cleaned before you send the holiday party invites.

Furthermore, business owners who do not already invest in cleaning their offices regularly, will additionally need cleaning experts to get rid of layers upon layers of dust on their office carpets and scratches on the windows. The only way to ensure your office environment is suitable for a holiday party is to hire commercial cleaning services in Raleigh, NC.

In addition, getting your NC-based office building clean will highlight your respect for your business counterparts. This little effort will prove that you value your employees and truly want to ensure they have a great time at the office party.

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Office Party-Ready

To prevent the dusty environment and unhygienic washrooms from ruining the experience of your guests, check out these cleaning tips:

1. Clean the restrooms

Unclean bathrooms are the most frequent complaint about commercial facilities — we are sure you would not want to be the manager or owner of one of those buildings. So, keep the restrooms clean and ensure all necessary supplies are at people’s disposal.

Before starting the cleaning process:

  • Make sure the people present in the building are aware of it.

  • Place signs like “restroom cleaning in progress” to prevent accidents and keep people from disturbing the ongoing work.

  • Apart from cleaning and disinfecting the toilet seats, wipe the counters and sinks and sanitize all potential touchpoints.

  • Change the towels with fresh ones and implement basic hygiene tips to ensure washroom cleanliness.

2. Emphasize high-traffic areas

Some office areas, like the lobby and cafeteria, are most visited by guests and employees. Such places are bound to be dirtier than the rest of the spaces. Because of the higher likelihood of being unclean and messy, these places need to be attended to without fail.

Besides, note down the areas that would be used the most during the party, and clean them thoroughly. Use vacuum cleaners to deep clean the carpet, and mop the floors. To ensure your hard work does not go to waste, place trash cans in high-traffic areas so that people do not make the space chaotic. Lastly, do not forget to sanitize these areas.

Woman holding her nose in front of a refrigerator  

3. Organize the fridge

Employees use office refrigerators daily to store their food and water. So, it is bound to be a little messy and unclean. Therefore, ask the commercial cleaning experts to include the fridge on their to-do lists.

Cleaning the fridge should involve creating more space to store the after-party leftovers. To clean, remove all the condiments, foods, and drinks from the fridge and throw the rotten items. When the party wraps up, ask your employees to take their leftovers home — you can keep the unclaimed food in the fridge but throw it at the end of the week, as it will spoil by then.

Essential Tips for Efficient Cleaning

It is the little things that make huge differences. You should be aware of a few things to ensure cleaning does not seem like a Herculean task and get the best results.

  • Instead of picking up a dust cloth and starting cleaning right away, take some time to plan the cleaning project. This will help you clean the entire office efficiently and quickly and ensure you do not leave any important space unattended.

  • Make sure to put together a party team to supervise the entire event and ensure you do not forget anything. Though you can hire event managers and cleaning experts, you still need a few inside volunteers — office employees — to assist them. As the employees know the space better, they can guide the event managers and oversee if things are done correctly.

  • Choose the party space wisely. When deciding if the party will be in your lobby or conference area, always choose a bigger space that can hold all your guests and where you can easily lay food and drinks. Most importantly, choose a place that would be easier to clean after the party.

  • Lastly, choose the commercial cleaning company wisely. It should be experienced and have a proficient set of workers. Their skills will make the difference in preparing a clean, and cheerful environment!

Speaking of hiring experienced commercial cleaning services in Raleigh, NC...

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