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Tips To Protect Customers And Employees This Winter

Cleaning a doorknob!  Winters are often greeted with happiness and delight, as it signals the advent of the holiday season that we wait for all year. That being said, it is also the season when workplace accidents happen and people fall sick — the black ice and the chilly wind gusts cause falls, slips, and trips.

Therefore, the freezing winter mornings become a nightmare for all employees heading back to work. Customers are also at a higher risk of falling sick. And sick employees and customers are a big NO for all businesses in Raleigh, NC.

Employees are the backbone of every business. When they fall sick or get injured, they are not able to serve the company in the best, most productive manner. The business suffers drastically as a result. On the other hand, ill customers mean fewer sales and lower revenue. Therefore, both sick customers and employees negatively impact a business in NC.

As a result, many businesses invest in commercial building maintenance or retail cleaning during the winters to remove every potential hazardous element that could harm their employees and customers. Here are a few tips to protect your customers and employees from falling ill or getting injured this winter:

#1 Keep your building clean

It is crucial that you keep your commercial building spick and span for the benefit of every individual who visits you. Ensure every frequently touched area is cleaned and sanitized so that it is germ-free. To that end, clean bathrooms, break rooms, handles, desks, pens, laptops, doors, and chairs. In order to ensure safety, call a reputable commercial building cleaning company in Raleigh, NC.

In addition to that, install hand sanitizer dispensers in your building and keep reminding employees to sanitize their hands. This will ensure your employees are safe from all disease-causing pathogens. Lastly, discourage all workers from using other employees’ work equipment, be it laptops or phones.

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#2 Place absorbent floor carpets and mats

To prevent people from slipping and suffering injuries, place absorbent floor carpets in your commercial building. These carpets will absorb the excess moisture and protect both customers and employees from falling. For enhanced safety, place absorbent mats at all entrances and exits so that they soak the excess moisture and, again, prevent people from tripping.

Standing water is also a hazard for customers and employees. When in a rush, people overlook these puddles, fall into them, and end up hurting themselves. Therefore, have the standing water mopped right away to protect people entering your business premises.

#3 Educate your employees

Safety is a two-way process — while you do your part in eliminating all hazards, employees should do their part, too. Teach your employees what they should do to stay safe and steer clear of diseases. Educate them about the benefits of using hand sanitizers, exercising regularly, and eating healthy food. This will make them stronger from within and prevent them from easily contracting infections.

Moreover, promote etiquette for handwashing, sneezing, and coughing. Teach them to cover their mouth with a tissue while coughing or sneezing and throw used tissues in the trash. Let them know the importance of washing hands for over 20 seconds and using sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol.

#4 Offer flu shots

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all learned the significance of vaccines and booster shots. As these vaccines protect us from contracting the Coronavirus, flu shots help us steer clear of the seasonal flu. Taking these shots ensures safety and prevents outbreaks.

To enhance convenience for your employees and boost participation, host an on-site flu shot clinic at your company. This will encourage employees to take the flu shot while it is at their disposal. This way, more employees will be vaccinated and your building will have a safer work environment.

#5 Encourage sick employees to stay at home

Do not force sick employees to come to the office, as they can spread the disease, which will be detrimental to your business growth. In addition, exhaustion can worsen their condition. Therefore, let them rest and only return when they have fully recovered.

If any employee is suffering from COVID symptoms, they should inform the supervisor and quarantine themselves to protect their family members, your other employees, as well as customers. Besides, allow employees whose family members have COVID symptoms to stay at home, too. These steps will safeguard your entire office members.

#6 Clear aisles of snow and ice

Tripping due to a sheet of thin ice or snow is the most common sight during winter. Sadly, such trips can severely injure people and even cause fractures. To avoid such accidents, make sure your business’s parking lot, sidewalks, and outdoor passages are free from ice.

To fully protect your employees and customers, contact a commercial cleaning company in Wake County. Reputable companies have the right equipment and skills to thoroughly clean the premises and eliminate all hazardous elements. In addition to hiring retail store cleaning services, educate the motorists and pedestrians to traverse slowly and safely.

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