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Commercial Cleaning as the country begins to reopen

The continuation of commercial cleaning as the country begins to reopen, is essential for keeping everyone safe, and protecting against further infections.

In the last year, COVID-19 has helped businesses fulfill heightened customer and employee safety expectations that entail more regular cleaning and disinfecting. Safety is a top priority for everyone, and awareness of how cleaning can contribute to a healthy environment has never been more important.

Throughout the pandemic, employers have become acutely aware of how the cost of illness in the workplace generates additional healthcare expenses, creates a loss of productivity, and reduces the overall well-being of employees.

Servicemaster Chesapeake in Anne Arundel county and surrounding areas, knows the importance of regular cleaning services, and how this contributes to the health of workers, and help reduce the costs for businesses associated with sick leave.

“As the country reopens, it is paramount that business owners have a cleaning and disinfecting plan in place to help provide their employees a clean and safe, work place, and Servicemaster Chesapeake is proud to protect businesses of all kinds, with industry leading cleaning and disinfecting services thru out the Maryland Bay area.”

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