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Winter is Here! We have some tips!

At ServiceMaster Chesapeake, we understand that although the weather may be bright and shining now, your business may still need to prepare for the upcoming wet season in late December and January. Employees and visitors will track in dirt, water, salt and snow – we want to make sure you’re prepped for the elements.

Here are some of our favorite holiday, winter-related tips that will keep your business in mint condition during the cold months:

  • Put mats in all of your entryways. The messiest places in your workplace during the winter are often the entryways and doorways. People will track in dirt, water and (worst of all) salt – all of these things can severely damage your floors if left unattended. To prevent corrosion and damage, simply place entryway mats in all of the doors that lead to and from outside. Adding entryway mats to carpeted floors is also a must, as it will keep them in better condition for a longer period of time.
  • Encourage employees to wipe their shoes when they come inside. Much like the entryway issue, encouraging people to clean their shoes can lead to cleaner, less damaged floors during the winter.
  • Clean your floors more often to avoid dirt and grime buildup, especially in the entryways. Be sure to vacuum carpets or mop floors that have the most foot traffic more often. Also, be sure to hire a professional floor cleaner to inspect the condition of your floors during the winter.
  • If it’s freezing, avoid putting too much salt outside your door, as it can damage your floors and require costly cleanup efforts. More salt means more chances for employees and visitors to track it inside and damage your floors. Be sure to go easy and apply the appropriate amount outside.

To enhance the quality of your floors this season, call ServiceMaster Chesapeake for all of your holiday cleaning needs.

We’re here to make your facility shine this winter.