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Welcoming Reception Area Ideas to Maximize Comfort & Efficiency

Combining the elements of interior design with the practical needs of an office workplace is easier than it may seem. Consider each individual element that goes into decorating an office space, from lighting and layout to floors and furnishings. To avoid clutter, make sure each piece of reception area furniture you choose fulfills a specific need while showing off your business's unique style or character. With a little thought and planning, you can create a welcoming reception area that staff and customers alike will enjoy.

Brainstorm fresh office reception area ideas for your own business or commercial property with these quick and easy tips from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean. Think through each element to decide on the perfect sizes, styles and setup for all your reception area furniture.


Position your reception desk so customers see it as soon as they walk in the door. Then, ease congestion and confusion during busy times of day by designing a layout that supports the proper flow of traffic. Provide a clear pathway free of obstacles and narrow passages so customers instinctively know where they should go and how to get there. Define the flow of traffic by strategically placing furniture around the room and adding a few simple navigational signs, or lay down runner rugs for a more decorative and subtle approach. Finally, consider the entryway safety and maintenance features you need to effectively reduce the risk of slip-and-fall injuries and make your space easy to clean and maintain.


Your reception area furniture doesn't need to cost a fortune, but it does need to look clean and reflect the specific character of your company. Pick a style for your furnishings that reflects the nature of your business, brand or industry – modern, traditional, contemporary, cute…you name it! Test potential seating in person before buying to make sure the pieces you choose are comfortable to sit in. If you mix and match furniture pieces from multiple collections, make sure the styles, colors and patterns complement each other for a cohesive look.


Commercial businesses can select from a wide range of flooring options, including carpet, ceramic tile, hardwood, stone and laminate. Before settling on any single type of flooring, consider the care required for upkeep, along with cost and durability. Carpets need frequent vacuuming and occasional shampooing, while tiles need regular mopping and the occasional grout cleaning. Learn how to choose the best office flooring for your business' needs.

Wall Color and Decor

Paint color can change the entire look and feel of your reception area. Choose a calming or neutral tone like light blue or sand to create a serene, relaxing and professional space, or let a bold color choice help set you apart. Accent walls are a great way to incorporate company colors without overwhelming the area – you can even turn your logo into a piece of tasteful wall art!


Choose soft white bulbs instead of harsh lightbulbs for lamps and ceiling fixtures. Warmly colored light creates a welcoming, comforting ambiance, while cold lighting often creates a more sterile, unwelcoming atmosphere.


Storage and filing cabinets are essential for almost every place of business to help employees stay organized and clutter-free. Especially in the reception area, cabinets offer efficient storage and easy accessibility to essential files and office supplies. The storage you choose for your reception desk should match the rest of your lobby's furniture and reinforce your unique design aesthetic, unless it's specifically designed to be hidden from view.


Keep your reception area stocked with current industry magazines and informative pamphlets or brochures about your business. Consider providing a basket of toys and games, a TV or free guest Wi-Fi to keep both kids and adults who have to wait entertained.

Additional Amenities

Go the extra mile by creating a small area for refreshments in your lobby so customers can help themselves to a snack or beverage when they have to wait. A cooler station offers a space-saving and practical approach, but including a small table for coffee and fixings can bring a simple comfort of home into your place of business, especially if customers have to wait for considerable amounts of time while being served. Design your refreshment station so it's easy to keep clean and organized – include napkins and a small lined trashcan nearby.

Consider each of the office reception area ideas above and use your own best judgement about your business's needs to create a reception area your customers will take comfort in. Ultimately, if you enjoy spending time in the space, your customers likely will, too.

Once you have the look you want, maintain it with proper cleaning. Learn how regular janitorial service from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean can help keep your facility fresh and inviting.

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