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ServiceMaster Clean professional performing commercial carpet cleaning services with a commercial carpet cleaner

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Improve the Look & Life of Your Carpets

Carpet is a preferred flooring option for conference rooms, hallways, offices, hotel rooms, reception areas and other spaces. Available in almost any color and design, carpet enhances the appearance of your work environment, while also acting as an air filter.

Professional carpet cleaning is worth it. Our cleaning experts use powerful machines to deep clean carpets and remove dirt, debris, and allergens that can't be removed with regular vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpets and make them look like new.

But, without proper commercial carpet cleaning, carpeting can become dirty and discolored. Protect your carpet flooring investment with professional carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster Clean.


Carpet Cleaning FAQ

What is included in commercial carpet cleaning services?

Commercial carpet cleaning includes vacuuming, deep scrubbing and extraction of dirt particles from carpets. Depending on the service provider, additional disinfecting or deodorizing may also be offered.

How often should I get my office's carpets cleaned professionally?

It depends on how heavily used your space is – for light usage once a month can suffice but more frequent professional cleanings are recommended if there’s high foot traffic in the area; it would be wise to have an upholstery technician evaluate your needs before scheduling regular appointments.

Will there be any residue left behind after cleaning?

Absolutely not! Our commercial carpet cleaners are specially formulated to both clean thoroughly and leave no sticky residues or soap scum behind when they’re finished working – just fresh smelling, vibrant looking carpets that feel as good as new again.

Proven Cleaning Methods for Upholstery, Fabric, & Carpet Fibers 

The best method for commercial carpet cleaning is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. This involves using a hot water extraction machine to inject hot water and a cleaning solution into the carpets and then quickly extracting the water and dirt out. This method is the most effective and thorough way to clean carpets.

Another method for commercial carpet cleaning is dry cleaning, which does not use water. This method involves applying a dry cleaning powder to the carpets, which absorbs dirt and debris, and then vacuuming it up. This method is ideal for high-traffic areas and for carpets that cannot be wet due to age or other factors.

Commercial Cleaning

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We Care About Clean

And It Shows In Our Work, Our People, Our Accountability


Capture And Removal Cleaning System

Using the latest technologies and procedures, including our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning® system, our professional commercial cleaning services help you protect your customers and employees. Simply put, we care about clean and it shows in our work, our people, our accountability to you and our commitment to delivering on our word, every day.


We Work To A Higher Standard: Ours

At ServiceMaster Clean, we relentlessly pursue the highest standards in cleaning with customized programs designed to meet your needs, whether for daily, nightly or one-time office cleaning services. We are more than clean. Our  carpet and rug cleaners do what we say we’re going to do and follow up with each customer to confirm complete customer satisfaction.


Commercial Cleaning For Any Industry

Whether your company makes its home in an office building, clinic or school, we deliver professional commercial cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments and keep your buildings sparkling. Our cleaning professionals are proud to offer Capture and Removal Cleaning®, our proprietary system that works better than standard cleaning processes. We also use green cleaning products that are highly effective without leaving behind any residue or odors. No matter what kind of facility you have, we have the tools and techniques to handle your cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • ServiceLink mobile app to communicate with managers
  • Experienced and attentive staff
  • Local businesses backed by national resources
  • Highest level of safety and security
  • Quality building inspection plan
  • Quality review program
  • Written task schedule and specification list
  • A clean and safe work environment for your customers and clients

Any Industry. Any Building. Any Environment. We Clean It All. Industries We Serve

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Professional Carpet Cleaning You Can Depend On

Through our monthly carpet care program, we help ensure your carpeting investment is maintained for the long term. Through regular and systematic cleaning using the best techniques and technology, we help you maintain your carpet’s appearance and potentially extend the life of your carpet. Whether it's ongoing maintenance or an annual cleaning, we go the extra mile to get your carpets looking their best.

Carpet care is an important part of keeping your business looking its best. We offer a monthly carpet care program that helps ensure your carpeting investment is maintained for the long term. Our program includes regular and systematic cleaning using the best techniques and technology, which helps you maintain your carpets’ appearance and potentially extend the life of your carpet.

The ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Step 1: Deep vacuuming
  • Step 2: Machine agitate with a cleaning solution
  • Step 3: Hot water extraction

Expert Business Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to business carpet cleaning, ServiceMaster Clean is your go-to solution. With our carpet cleaning services nearby, we specialize in providing top-notch industrial carpet cleaning for businesses. No matter the size or type of carpet, their professional team is equipped with the expertise and tools to handle the toughest stains and dirt. Using advanced techniques and effective cleaning products, ServiceMaster Clean ensures a thorough and rejuvenating carpet cleaning process. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to enhance the appearance and longevity of your carpets, creating a clean and inviting environment for your business.

the benefits of regular carpet cleaning

  • Improved Air Quality: Carpet cleaning helps to remove dust, dirt, and other particles from the air and from the surface of the carpet. This reduces the amount of allergens and other airborne pollutants that can cause respiratory problems.
  • Reduced Risk of Illness: Regular carpet cleaning can reduce the risk of illnesses, such as asthma and allergies. By removing dust, dirt, and other particles, you can help to reduce the chance of illness.
  • Longevity: Regular carpet cleaning can help to extend the life of your carpet. By removing dirt, dust, and other particles, you can help to prevent the carpet fibers from wearing down and becoming damaged over time.
  • Improved Appearance: Regular carpet cleaning can help to improve the appearance of your building. Clean carpets free from stains and dirt make employees and customers more comfortable.
  • Reduced Allergens: Carpet cleaning can help to reduce the amount of allergens in the air. This can help to reduce the severity of allergic reactions and make your building more comfortable for those with allergies. Regularly attention will also remove unwanted odor that fabric can acquire over time. 

Reach Out to a cleaning expert

Our team of experts can help you evaluate your business needs and recommend the best cleaning program for you. We can help you identify the best cleaning products and services, provide advice on how to manage carpet cleaning operations. We can also provide guidance on maintenance protocols to ensure that your business premises remain safe and clean.

  • Recurring Services

    • Options for daily, weekly and monthly services
    • Seamless access to portfolio of services offered
    • One agreement: reduces overhead and better control
    • One invoice: assumes centralized and consolidated billing
    • ServiceLINK: Access to cloud based Quality Assurance program
    • Single point of contact to support your needs
    • Analytics for response times, inspections and standards
    • Inspections conducted using digital, handheld devices
  • One-Time Service

    • Options for daily, weekly and monthly services
    • Customizable one-time cleaning services
    • Comprehensive quotes and pricing options
    • Written task schedule and specification list
    • Best-of-class products and equipment
    • Scheduling options to fit your needs
    • Highest level of safety and security
    • Communication with supervisory staff
    • Detailed cleaning plan
    • Capture and Removal Cleaning® System
    • Highly productive team cleaning
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  • I struck gold hiring them.

    "Hayk, Natalie, and their amazing team went above and beyond exemplary customer service and pristine cleaning! I have already referred a number of people to them and I'm not one to write many reviews on Yelp but Service Master deserves a 10-star rating. They are the nicest and most helpful people. I struck gold hiring them."
    Los Angeles, CA
  • "ServiceMaster Clean does an excellent job of tailoring a commercial cleaning service to match the consumer's expectations. They are also very flexible during weeks where scheduled service might fall on a holiday. I highly recommend them for janitorial services."
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    We completely recommend ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions for all your cleaning needs. We have been using their services for a few years, and we are not disappointed in either the quality of work or the amount we've paid.

    Armando Montoya and his team are dedicated and professional. They have proper materials to get a job finished. And, most importantly for a cleaning crew, the place feels clean when they are done.

    What's more they are quick about it, so you never feel like you're waiting around for the cleaners to be done.

    ServiceMaster Cleaning is easily the best cleaning company around. If you'd like a clean office or warehouse, they should be your first choice every time.


    Juan G

    Bolingbrook, IL
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    ServiceMaster Clean is by far one of the best companies we have ever had to clean our offices! They are very professional and thorough and always makes sure that the office looks pristine! If you’re looking for a cleaning company that will go the extra mile and make sure you are a satisfied customer, they are definitely the ones to go with!

    Lithonia, GA

Carpet Cleaning Near You

  • Healthy, Worry-Free Environments

    A clean workspace decreases employee sick days and protects your customers from harmful germs and bacteria.

  • Professional Experts, Advanced Technology

    Our business cleaning experts are thoroughly trained and use proprietary cleaning and disinfecting systems that dramatically decrease dust and bacteria, among other compounds.

  • Save Time & Money

    Outsourcing your cleaning services can help streamline your expenses and reduce cleaning time by about 25% while ensuring a spotless, disinfected environment.

  • Our Services, Your Schedule

    We'll familiarize ourselves with your facility and then create a customized cleaning and disinfecting plan that perfectly accommodates your needs. We can schedule our cleaning services at a time and frequency that works best for you and your facility.