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The dust which accumulates everywhere throughout our homes and offices is composed of numerous particles of culprits from the indoors and outdoors.  Indoor offenders include skin cells (it is estimated that humans lose 30,000 – 40,000 dead skin cells each and every minute), furniture fabric, bedding, and clothes release fibers every time they are used or disturbed. Pets also contribute to indoor dust by shedding skin cells and hair. If your office or home is carpeted, there are even more fibers being released into the air.

Dust mites can be found nearly everywhere there is dust. They are particularly drawn to mattresses and pillows, where they feed on shed skin cells. Their fecal matter can trigger allergic reactions in some people, and this matter, along with dead dust mites, also adds to house dust.

Outdoor pollutants include pollen, minute bits of decaying organic matter, industrial plants, vehicles, and seasonal fires.  The entire environment, from plants to animals, is constantly shedding dead cells.  A new study in Environmental Science & Technology found 60 percent of dust inside our offices and homes comes from the outdoors through airborne particles and tracked in soil.

Dust particles settle on anything they can and not only look unsightly, but are harmful to our health.  While dusting and vacuuming can take care of dust that’s already settled, an air purifier can help filter atmospheric dust from the air.