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The majority of offices are cleaned after normal business hours; typically during a time when all staff and customers are out of the office.  Cleaning without distraction and interruption is of benefit not only to you but to your cleaning company as well.  In fact, when day cleaning is requested, the cleaning rate charged is often higher because of frequent starting and stopping of daily cleaning duties often requested by an employee taking a phone call, speaking with a customer, etc.

However, a significant amount of trust is required in your janitorial company in order to reap the benefits and convenience of after-hours cleaning.  Handing your office keys and building security codes over to your cleaning company naturally makes anyone nervous and apprehensive.  Just because the cleaning company’s sales representative dresses well and has a firm handshake doesn’t mean the janitor he places in your office won’t steal your computers.  Although the contact from your cleaning company seems trustworthy, doesn’t mean the cleaner placed in your facility will be as well.  So how can you sleep better at night knowing your office is safe and secure?

First, understand what measures your janitorial company takes to ensure the safety and security of your facility.  Does the cleaning company complete thorough background checks on all their cleaners?  Not just information related to criminal records, but citizenship and immigration records should also be examined.  How are the cleaners supervised?  How does your cleaning company manage how you’re your cleaners enter and exit your facility?  Second, some office personnel feel more comfortable meeting their cleaners.  Establishing even a basic relationship may help ease any anxieties over the faith that you must put into your cleaning company.

Finally, we highly recommend that you demand to be notified if a cleaner change is being performed within your office.  For various reasons, a new cleaner may be needed within your building.  If this occurs, verify the completion of background checks and meet the new cleaner.  Again, establishing trust between you, your staff and the cleaning company will ensure the safest and most secure situation of your office documents and belongings.