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Janitorial Services in Houston, TX

Janitorial Cleaning Services Near You

A ServiceMaster expert sanitizing a table during janitorial services in Houston

A clean workspace is a happy, healthy, and productive workspace. ServiceMaster Cleaning Pros can help your office become that with our office cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services have provided customers in Houston with results for 65+ years. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you and your commercial property. We offer our janitorial services for any facility that is at least 10,000 ft2.

What to Expect From Our Janitorial Company in Houston, TX

We proudly provide janitorial services, including:

  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Carpet care
  • Cleaning and maintenance for hard-surface floors
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services
  • Dusting
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Lobby cleaning
  • Reception area cleaning
  • Sanitizing
  • Waste removal
  • Window washing

Call (281) 800-5843 or contact us online to request your quote for janitorial services in Houston!

Customized Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

At ServiceMaster Cleaning Pros, we recognize the unique cleaning needs of every business, and as such, our janitorial services are tailored to fit the requirements of your facility. Whether you oversee a small office, a retail store, or an expansive commercial space, our cleaning team works with you to create an individualized cleaning plan that addresses your specific concerns, fostering a clean and healthy environment.

How our janitorial services can help your business:

  • Improved Cleanliness and Hygiene: Our services are designed to enhance cleanliness and hygiene throughout your facility, creating a healthier and more pleasant work environment.
  • Enhanced Workplace Safety: Our janitorial services contribute to a safer workplace, reducing potential hazards and promoting a secure environment.
  • Increased Employee Productivity: A clean and organized workspace positively impacts employee productivity, fostering a conducive atmosphere for efficient work.
  • Positive Impression on Clients and Visitors: Well-maintained premises leave a positive impression on clients and visitors, reflecting your commitment to professionalism and excellence.
  • Reduced Risk of Illness and Absenteeism: Our janitorial services help minimize the risk of illness and absenteeism by implementing thorough cleaning practices and disinfection.

Our Houston janitorial experts are committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services that exceed your expectations. With our attention to detail, use of advanced cleaning technologies, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to keep your business looking its best.

Houston Office Cleaning Using Leading Technologies

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and have technology that allows us to achieve immaculate results. Using our patented Capture and Removal Cleaning® system, we are able to decrease airborne dust, VOCs, and bacteria. By removing these particles, your office not only looks better, but it’s healthier for you and your employees.

Streamlined Communication Using Servicelink

Our proprietary mobile app, ServiceLink, is your resource for communication with our managers. Through the app, you can perform inspections from any location. Even those without an Internet connection! Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can perform customized inspections in a few clicks.

For more information about our janitorial cleaning services in Houston, TX, call (281) 800-5843 or contact us online today. 

Daytime Office Cleaning In Houston That Works Around Your Schedule

By opting for workday cleaning, you reduce your cleaning costs and expenses. You don’t need to keep the lights or thermostat running after your staff is done for the day. Instead, you can leave the office at the end of your shift knowing that your cleaning is done.

Regardless of the time of day that you schedule your cleaning for, by working with ServiceMaster Cleaning Pros, you benefit from:

  • Daily contact with supervisory staff
  • On-site training for cleaners
  • Quality review program
  • Scheduling options that work for you
  • Thorough cleaning plan
  • Top-of-the-line equipment and products

Whether you’re a business owner or property manager, our Houston office cleaning service can help you keep your commercial property clean and your staff healthy.

What are the benefits of hiring a janitorial company in Houston, TX?

There are many benefits of hiring a janitorial company like ServiceMaster Cleaning Pros to provide commercial cleaning services:

  • Save time - We are able to reliably and consistently clean large areas in a short amount of time.
  • Experienced professionals - We have the experience and knowledge needed to properly clean and disinfect all types of surfaces, which helps to prevent the spread of germs and illness.
  • High-quality cleaning services - We use high-quality cleaning products that are not available to the general public, which ensures that your business is getting the best possible clean.
  • Insured commercial cleaners - We are insured and bonded, which protects your business in the event that something is damaged during the cleaning process.

Janitorial services are an important part of keeping a building clean, safe, and healthy. By working with our team of janitorial cleaning professionals, your business can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your facility is in excellent hands.If you are looking for reliable, professional janitorial services in the Houston area, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Pros today!

Call us at(281) 800-5843 to request a quote for business cleaning services in Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do janitorial services in Houston cost?

  • Cost can vary greatly depending on the size of the space, the scope of the services, and the frequency of service. For example, a small office with weekly services may cost less than a large office with daily services.

What’s the difference between janitorial cleaning and commercial cleaning?

  • Janitorial cleaning typically occurs more frequently in smaller spaces than commercial cleaning.

How safe are janitorial services?

  • Our janitorial team are experienced professionals who use only the safest techniques and products. They are trained to use the appropriate personal protective equipment and are knowledgeable about the safety regulations and best practices for the industry.

  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA
  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA
  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA

Commercial Cleaning Services By Industry

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A clean and healthy environment is essential for all businesses and facilities, regardless of the industry. Now more than ever, detailed disinfecting methods should be in place to protect the guests and employees of your facility. The professionals at ServiceMaster Clean have the experience and skills to deliver spotless, pristine results. We are backed by over 65 years of experience and use advanced cleaning products and processes that will help eliminate dirt, dust, germs and bacteria from your environment.

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