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Commercial Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

Prioritizing the Cleanliness and Safety of Your Floors

Hard surface floors, commonly found in commercial environments, are designed for durability and safety. With the regular foot traffic and occasional spills, it's crucial to have consistent and specialized cleaning to keep these floors in top shape. This ensures a pleasant appearance and a safer environment for everyone visiting or working in the space.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by Myers is a locally owned and operated commercial cleaning provider that understands how difficult it is to maintain a commercial floor. That's why we offer comprehensive floor cleaning services in Atlanta, GA, designed to keep your floors looking and performing their best.

Elevate your Atlanta business with pristine floors! Get a quote online or call us at (404) 341-7169 for top-notch hard surface floor cleaning services.

Committed to Providing Superior Commercial Floor Care

Hard surface floors vary widely across sectors, from healthcare centers to corporate hubs and educational institutions. You may have elegant hardwood flooring in a small clinic or resilient vinyl in a large hospital system. Each type of flooring requires a customized approach to cleaning and maintenance.

We have the experience and expertise to meet the unique care requirements of all types of hard surface floors. Our primary goal is to uphold the integrity and aesthetics of your floors while also bringing out their inherent beauty.

Flooring types we can help maintain include the following:

  • Vinyl composite tile (VCT)
  • Tar-based tile
  • Elastic material
  • Laminated surfaces
  • Tiled ceramics
  • Continuous vinyl sheets
  • Polished porcelain
  • Traditional linoleum
  • High-grade vinyl varieties

We use established commercial cleaning standards and practices to deliver reliable results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain the vibrancy and safety of your commercial floors.

Customized Cleaning Techniques and Services

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by Myers is backed by a brand with a long history–over 40 years in fact–of working with various hard surface floors in healthcare, education, and other industries. As a result, we’re able to offer customized plans ranging from daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning support.

Whether you need routine janitorial cleaning, deep cleaning, or floor restoration services, we can help you achieve a refreshed look for your hard surface floors. We use only the highest quality products and tools, and our team is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Atlanta Team?

Picking the right team for commercial hard surface floor cleaning services is crucial to maintaining the appearance, safety, and longevity of your flooring. At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by Myers, we stand out as the premier choice for businesses seeking unparalleled service and expertise. Here are several compelling reasons why you should choose us:

  • Professionally Trained Janitorial Specialists: Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who undergo rigorous training. We equip our janitorial specialists with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle any challenge, ensuring your floors are impeccably clean and well-maintained.
  • Dedication to the Highest Quality of Clean: At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by Myers, we don't just clean; we're committed to delivering the highest quality of clean. This means paying attention to the details, using the best products and equipment, and always striving to exceed our clients' expectations.
  • Specialized Commercial Expertise for Industry-Specific Needs: Every industry has unique cleaning requirements, and we have the specialized expertise to meet them. Whether it's healthcare, education, retail, or any other sector, we tailor our services to address the specific needs and standards of your industry.
  • Flexible Day and Night Office Cleaning Options: We understand that your business operations cannot be disrupted. That's why we offer flexible cleaning schedules, including day and night options, to ensure that our services are delivered at a time that's most convenient for you and your staff.

Choosing ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by Myers for your hard surface floor cleaning needs, you're not just hiring a cleaning service; you're partnering with a team that cares deeply about the cleanliness, health, and appearance of your facility. Let us help you make a lasting impression on your clients and employees with pristine, well-maintained floors.

Call (404) 341-7169 today or contact us online to learn more about our commercial cleaning services in Atlanta.

  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA
  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA
  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA

Commercial Cleaning Services By Industry

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A clean and healthy environment is essential for all businesses and facilities, regardless of the industry. Now more than ever, detailed disinfecting methods should be in place to protect the guests and employees of your facility. The professionals at ServiceMaster Clean have the experience and skills to deliver spotless, pristine results. We are backed by over 65 years of experience and use advanced cleaning products and processes that will help eliminate dirt, dust, germs and bacteria from your environment.

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