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Top Reasons for Healthcare Facility Cleaning in Iowa City, IA

Healthcare facility cleaning is important year-round in Iowa City, IA, but especially during the winter months. As patients catch colds, carry bacteria, and spend more time indoors, there’s an increased chance of passing along germs. Patients may infect other patients, visitors, and healthcare employees. But, just how exposed are healthcare workers when working around ill patients?

Here are a few facts to keep in mind and to help you remember the importance of regular healthcare facility cleaning (environmental services) around this time of year.

Hazardous Workplace: Healthcare facilities are often hazardous to employee health for many unique reasons. For example, employees often catch illnesses from patients. Some of these are bloodborne pathogens, while others are respiratory illnesses or biological hazards. To reduce the risk of infecting employees, start with regularly scheduled environmental services.

Statistical Risk: According to OSHA, healthcare employees are injured or ill more than employees working in any other field. That’s why it’s so important to conduct consistent and thorough cleaning within healthcare facilities and ensure it is being performed correctly. Experienced environmental service cleaners know what to do to reduce the risk of employee illness or injury and will help lower those statistics within your office.

Many Fields: There are many different fields represented within healthcare facilities other than doctors, nurses, and orderlies. The billing department, environmental services, gift shop employees, security staff, and volunteers are all exposed to the germs within a healthcare facility, and all take those germs home with them at the end of a long day. With a quality environmental services department, however, fewer of these germs will travel off your office’s premises.

Ready to protect your employees from healthcare facility germs, bacteria, and illnesses in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA, Milwaukee, Appleton, La Crosse, Green Bay, and Madison, WI, and Winona, MN? Take the time to invest in a quality, regularly scheduled healthcare facility cleaning with ServiceMaster Building Maintenance.

Our professionals understand how to reduce the spread of germs before it starts and will keep your healthcare office clean. Give us a call to schedule your healthcare facility cleaning today!