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Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

Your company’s exterior is a major investment. Before customers or clients ever step foot in your business, they’ll have formed an impression based on what the outside of the building looks like. If you have dirty, dingy or grimy windows, they may take their business elsewhere. Find out all the benefits of hiring a professional window washing company with help from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean.

1. Saves Time

The time your employees spend at their jobs should be focused on work-specific tasks. If they become responsible for janitorial clean-up, including washing the windows, you may be hurting your company’s bottom line. Also, washing windows is a bit more complicated than just getting out a bucket of soap and water. People who aren’t window washers may damage your company’s windows if they are cleaned incorrectly. To help keep everyone productive, save time on unrelated work tasks and ensure your windows achieve the highest standard of clean, outsource your janitorial needs to the professionals.

2. No Worry About Specialized Cleaning Methods

Different windows require special cleaning solutions or cleaning methods to see the best results. Tinted windows and stained glass, for example, both require special treatment. Using regular cleaning materials on these types of windows could damage them and leave you with an unattractive look and potentially a big repair bill. To ensure that each window is cleaned correctly, leave the work to the professionals.

3. Lets the Light In

Clean windows let more natural light enter the building. With a cleaner, brighter environment, you may see the following results:

  • Increased focus, resulting in greater employee performance
  • Better first impressions from customers or clients
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Enhanced curb appeal

Professionals can properly remove all smudges, streaks and build-up of dirt from your windows, which can increase these positive outcomes.

4. Keeps You Safe

Window washing without the right gear and experience can be dangerous. Even a fall from just one story can cause serious injuries. If you hire window cleaners, you or your staff members won’t have to get up on ladders, work with hazardous cleaning materials or maneuver around tricky areas to thoroughly clean each window.

5. Helps Extend Your Windows’ Lifespan

Over time, built-on dirt and other debris can etch itself into glass and cause permanent damage and scratches. These marks can even weaken the panes, potentially leading to cracks, chipping and other expensive damages later on. By using specialty cleaning products and their extensive knowledge, professional window cleaners can help ensure your windows last.

If it’s time for your company’s windows to be cleaned, call the experts at ServiceMaster Clean. Our commercial window washing services can help create a more welcoming and pleasant work environment by scrubbing away dirt and grime and letting light shine through. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or recurring service, we’re happy to create a cleaning schedule that fits your business’s needs.

Commercial Cleaning

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