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3 Areas in Your Healthcare Facility That May Require Ceiling Cleaning and Disinfection

While high-touch areas like countertops, sinks and examination tables are more commonly prone to harboring bacteria and infections, ceilings can do the same. Along with being contaminated by airborne germs or aerosolized pathogens, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that pathogens can even enter through ceilings and possibly contaminate the entire facility. Find out the top 3 areas in your healthcare facility that require the ceilings to be cleaned and sanitized more frequently with tips from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean.

1. Examination Rooms

Patients spend a lot of time in the examination room. Throughout the course of a week, a healthcare facility can see hundreds of sick patients with contagious illnesses, and each one of these patients waits for their medical assessment in an examination room. To keep their germs from accumulating on the ceiling and potentially infecting your staff or other patients, have your janitorial professionals clean examination room ceilings often.

2. Waiting Room and Lobby

Your waiting room and lobby receive the most foot traffic in your medical facility. This fact alone makes these areas incredibly prone to airborne bacteria, illness and disease. While healthcare workers are diligent in cleaning the high-touch areas, providing contagious patients with masks and ensuring hand sanitizer is readily available, it's crucial that professional services regularly attend to this low-touch area your staff can't reach.

3. Operating Rooms

If an operating room is not properly cleaned and disinfected from floor to ceiling, surgical patients are susceptible to contracting surgical infections and illnesses, which can jeopardize their recovery and your reputation. Indeed, operating rooms require a heightened level of attention during professional ceiling cleanings. Their ceilings require the most frequent disinfecting and sanitizing sessions of any room in your facility to promote safe and successful operations.

Hire Professional Healthcare Cleaning Services

To ensure every surface in your healthcare facility is cleaned, disinfected and sanitized appropriately, call on the experts at ServiceMaster Clean. Back by over 65 years of experience, our professional healthcare janitorial services offer industry-leading care to your facility and its patients. We follow a methodical process to ensure consistent results every time, and that every space is properly cleaned with best practices and procedures set forth by the leading governmental healthcare organizations. Contact us today to discover how we can help address your facility's specific needs.

Healthcare Cleaning

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