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Why Do Surgical Cleaning Technicians Need CSCT Training?

In a medical facility, there are various standards of cleaning and disinfecting protocols needed to ensure the safety of staff and patients alike. Certain areas of the facility require much more attention and care due to the sensitive procedures done within them, most noteworthy of these areas being the operating room. Not having the knowledge to properly disinfect an operating room could lead to the risk of the patient being exposed to dangerous pathogens during surgery—potentially causing deadly consequences.

Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician (CSCT) training is a critical component to keeping operating rooms (ORs) safe. This program and certification are a way for cleaning professionals to learn how to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness within ORs. To maximize cleanliness, manage pathogens (like viruses or bacteria), and produce a safe operating room environment, the Association for Health Care Environment (AHE) created this certification to ensure the advancement of committed companies to uphold standards.

What is the Certification Training for Surgical Cleaning Technicians (CSCT) Entail?

AHE’s CSCT certification program sets the standard when keeping surgical environments cleaned and disinfected. It’s meant to educate the cleaning technicians on the necessary levels of cleanliness needed to manage the spread of potentially dangerous pathogens that could infect a patient in the operating room.

CSCT training teaches a more ingrained self-awareness of working in a surgical environment and the significance of prioritizing job performance. For participants to receive their certification, they must show an in-depth understanding of surgical cleaning practices. There is an entire suite of infection prevention that is covered including:

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Problem-solving for pathogen mitigation
  • Communication within the cleaning team
  • How CSCT can positively impact patient outcomes

Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company That Offers CSCT Training

Hiring a healthcare cleaning service company that knows how to properly clean and disinfect an operating room will not only protect patients—it will also protect your hospital from potential legal issues if operating rooms have not been disinfected accordingly. A cleaning team that has undergone CSCT training has the potential to help reduce the risk of potential contamination and ensuing consequences by following appropriate cleaning protocols demanded for this environment.

With over 65 years of experience working in hospitals, outpatient centers, and other medical facilities, ServiceMaster Clean has the know-how to appropriately clean and disinfect operating rooms to keep everyone safe. The CSCT program offered to our employees is meant to showcase our level of expertise when it comes to managing pathogens in the operating room, as well as applying innovative approaches that are specific to surgical facilities.

Don’t let subpar cleaning put your medical facility’s patients at risk. Make sure that surgical patients are receiving the highest standard of cleanliness to reduce any post-surgery complications due to cleaning-related issues.

Trust Your Medical Facility Cleaning Needs to the Experts

ServiceMaster Clean cares about the needs of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers that offer surgical operations. We are committed to providing the tools and training to our cleaning experts to ensure the highest standards are followed to protect both patients and surgeons. Providing advanced cleaning training to our team allows us to focus on the unique needs that medical facilities and operating rooms may need.

Find a ServiceMaster Clean location near you to discuss how we can help keep your hospital or medical facility safe in addition to going above and beyond the current cleaning standards.

Healthcare Cleaning

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