Commercial Area Rug Cleaning Services

Preserve the beauty of your area rugs with ServiceMaster Clean

Available in virtually any style and color, area rugs are the perfect finishing touch to a stylish office or a chic hotel room. They add a layer of comfort and warmth to hardwood or tile flooring. Rugs can even help filter the air by trapping dirt and allergens to prevent them from circulating within the room. This is why area rugs and carpet need routine cleaning and maintenance from the expert technicians at ServiceMaster Clean.

Our certified technicians are thoroughly trained to recognize different fibers, woven constructions and types of area rugs. Through their special skills and attention to detail, each rug in your business will retain its brightness and beauty. As leaders in delivering superior cleaning services, we have extensive experience with all types of area rugs and cleaning methods.

Rug-cleaning experience makes all the difference.

Area rugs tend to be made of more delicate fibers, as well as dyes and constructions that can easily be damaged by do-it-yourself procedures and people without proper training. At ServiceMaster Clean, we have the equipment, training and experience to properly clean rugs. Our process helps extend the life of your area rug while decreasing the level of allergens found in it. What's more, we customize the process, providing on-site or off-site cleaning to minimize business disruption

Types of area rugs we clean:

Pile rugs: knots are tied to a foundation and then sheared to create the pile
Flatwoven rugs:similar to tapestry fabric and provide excellent wear and durability
Hooked rugs: a hook is used to pull the face yarns through a backing material
Braided rugs: strips of fabric or yarn are braided together then sewn into an oval-shaped rug
Flokati rugs: generally made with 100% wool fibers and a long pile length similar to shag carpets
Machine-made rugs: imitation Oriental rugs made with wool fibers on jacquard looms; can also refer to inexpensive rugs made of polypyrene fibers

The ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Area Rug Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Inspection
We carefully inspect the rug for stains, burns, bleach marks, color-bleeding, fading and other existing damage.

Step 2: Pre-Testing
We test a small area of your rug to determine the best cleaning method.

Step 3: Cleaning
Our gentle cleaning process removes dirt, dust, allergens and more without damaging the rug fibers or dye.

Step 4: Drying
We dry all area rugs flat to maintain their shape. To accelerate drying time, we may use air movers or fans.