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The Benefits of a Detailed Commercial Cleaning Consultation

Custom Commercial Cleaning: We Cater to You

At ServiceMaster Building Services, we realize you have many factors to consider when hiring commercial janitorial services. You deserve a professional team that will go above and beyond to accommodate your schedule and facility’s unique needs. We promise to remain attentive to your specific requests and tailor our commercial cleaning regimen to optimize results. Our commercial cleaning technicians clean below the surface and refuse to cut corners. We will disinfect and deep clean every square inch you hire us to handle.

The Frequency of Commercial Cleaning Can Prove Pivotal

During our initial consultation, we will discuss how frequently you want to have our professional specialists clean your business facilities. We will provide an outline of our cleaning checklist, elaborate on our specialty cleaning services, and offer expert recommendations.

Our cleaning plans are available at any interval. We offer:

  • Daily cleanings
  • Weekly cleanings
  • Bi-weekly cleanings
  • Monthly cleanings
  • One-time cleanings
  • Project-based cleanings

Nevertheless, the ultimate decision will be up to you. We suggest considering the following elements before deciding on a cleaning routine:

  • The amount of traffic in your office, warehouse, retail center, or manufacturing facility
  • The size of your staff and the number of daily visitors your facilities receive
  • The health demands and sensitivities of your profession
  • The speed at which dirt, dust, and bacteria accumulate on your commercial property
  • Your daily operational hours
  • The number of spaces that require consistent cleanings, such as kitchens and restrooms

These factors will help you attain a clear idea of your commercial cleaning needs and the desired frequency of services. You will also be able to request specialized cleaning services, such as:

  • Disinfectant fogging
  • Green cleaning
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Air duct restoration

Some Spaces Require Specialized & More Frequent Cleaning

Any business is bound to get dirty. The question is how often and urgently certain areas need to be cleaned. Our commercial janitorial services will keep your facilities germ-free and sparkling. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and techniques to sustain an immaculate finish – ensuring your customers, visitors, and employees always have a fantastic first impression.

Some commercial spaces require repeat cleanings at a faster rate than others. The following spaces are areas that deserve priority and precedence when booking our commercial cleaning services and filling out the scheduling checklist:

Lunchrooms & Breakrooms

Unlike offices, breakrooms are communal and shared daily. In such spaces, the likelihood of bacteria and germs circulating and spreading via counters, surfaces, and handles is higher. Lunchrooms are also the space where employees eat and discard perishable items.

There will occasionally be spills and crumb trails left uncleaned as well. This sticky and sugary food residue can attract bugs, mold, and other infestations. Scattered or forgotten food items can also create a foul, lingering smell. Let a professional attend to such environments regularly. We will disinfect counters, remove spoiled food items, discard the contents in trash bins, scrub sinks, and revitalize the space.


A restroom is one of the most hazardous and germ-infested spaces in any building. Human waste can spread infections and diseases, causing employees, customers, and visitors to become sick. Mitigate the risk of your restrooms by having a professional team clean them routinely. We will ensure your bathroom is pristine and reflects positively upon your business.

Our janitors will utilize potent, green supplies to remove stains and eliminate bacteria. We will also restore toilet paper consoles, wipe down trash cans, discard dirty tissues and wrappers, and deodorize the space to remove foul smells. You can rest assured every surface will be spotless when we are finished.

Entryways & Flooring

It is critical to keep your flooring clean – whether you have carpet, tile, linoleum, or another material. Walkways, sidewalks, and entryways are among the first things customers notice when visiting a business. If your flooring is stained, spotted, scuffed up, dusty, or dirty, it will create a negative impression.

Our janitorial experts can deploy high-powered equipment and power wash jetting devices to these areas regularly to remove stubborn blemishes, marks, and imperfections. We know a deep clean can transform any space – leaving it gleaming, attractive, and smelling amazing. In doing so, your customers will also feel safer. That’s right: studies have shown that cleanliness leads to improved productivity and safety.

Book An In-Person Consultation Today!

Ready to receive the perks of top-of-the-line commercial cleaning technologies? Our specialists rely on nothing but the best:

  • Thermal fog machines
  • Air scrubbers with HEPA filters
  • Our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning® system
  • SaniMaster disinfection technology
  • Specialized high filtration vacuums

Give us a call today to set up a complimentary consultation. We will arrive at your facility on time, conduct a comprehensive inspection, and walk you through our janitorial programs – providing upfront price estimates for every service.

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