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Preventing the Spread of Germs in Commercial Spaces

Office, Warehouse, & Factory Cleaning Strategies to Keep Employees Safe

Most businesses are public spaces where employees, visitors, and customers intermingle. Unfortunately, there are bound to be germs whenever you have people coming together. These germs can quickly spread throughout any workplace via shared surfaces and airborne molecules.

At ServiceMaster Building Services, we specialize in disinfecting and sanitizing public spaces. Our Clackamas cleaning specialists follow a detailed checklist to leave every space virus- and bacteria-free. Our top priority is to help prevent the spread of disease and decrease employee sick days.

We also know how to keep critical commercial spaces as safe and healthy as possible. Regularly maintaining public areas can drastically boost employee health. Today, we’ll discuss key areas we attend to when cleaning and the upsides of hiring a professional janitorial team to ensure problematic hotspots remain pristine.

Keep Surfaces Sanitized at All Times

First and foremost, we respect every commercial facility’s unique needs. Our team can perform an on-site walkthrough and consultation to personalize our janitorial cleaning services.

Regardless of your commercial building’s layout, there are bound to be shared surfaces and touch points. Here are some common points of contact that can spread bacteria and disease:

  • Workstations – Germs can be easily transmitted to computer keyboards, desks, and telephones phone. It is wise to wipe these surfaces with disinfectants daily – especially if you or your employees tend to snack and eat on the job.
  • Break rooms – Speaking of eating, lunchrooms are a danger zone for dirty surfaces. The break/lunchroom is where employees regularly gather to eat, sip coffee, and decompress (laughing, talking, reading, etc.). Prevent cross-contamination by having a professional team frequently sanitize your break room’s refrigerators, coffee pots, counters, microwaves, and shared eating surfaces.
  • Bathrooms – Restrooms are major hazard areas. Harmful bacteria can contaminate toilet seats, faucet/sink handles, door handles, paper towel dispensers, and other fixtures. Moreover, microscopic particles emit into the air when flushing. We recommend installing automatic faucets and handless flushers to promote good hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.
  • Hot spots – We will thoroughly clean and disinfect commonly touched “hot spots” before they transfer pathogens. These high-contact objects include door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, and window pulleys.

ServiceMaster Building Services can clean your commercial surfaces for you. We rely on EPA-approved, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that kill germs without toxic ingredients. Our ability to apply the correct cleaning products to different surfaces will preserve your employees’ overall well-being and vital work equipment. Additional hot spots such as desks, elevators, light switches, and other high-touch surfaces should be wiped down and disinfected daily to reduce the spread of germs.

Be Mindful of Airborne Germs

Many viruses and germs transmit via the air (including Covid-19 and the flu). Airborne illnesses can spread fast. We recommend staying up to date with janitorial services to prevent the spread of disease and limit bacterial exposure. Our disinfectant solutions can stop the spread of germs in their tracks. Of course, there is no janitorial solution to prevent person-to-person transmission. For such situations, we recommend strictly enforcing CDC guidelines on maintaining prevention hygiene, wearing face coverings, and keeping a safe distance.

That said, it is wise to keep your business well-stocked with sanitation cloths, trash bags, hygiene products, toilet tissues, disinfectants, and microfiber cloths. These items will assist and encourage infection prevention techniques. These safeguards are especially essential in the wake of Covid-19.

To ensure your commercial space is consistently sanitized and germ-free, we recommend:

  • Developing a cleaning routine
  • Implementing the plan consistently
  • Revising janitorial upkeep as needed

The Benefits of Hiring Janitorial Specialists

The cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Building Services are ready to help reduce the risk of germs and diseases like Covid-19. Our cleaning and disinfection regimen will mitigate exposure to bacteria and viruses. We take great pride in helping businesses operate safely with minimal health risks. Our Swan Island team will go above and beyond to help you reopen a safe and sanitary public space.

Our janitorial services include:

  • Hard-surface floor cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Comprehensive surface cleaning
  • And so much more

We promise to adhere to proven processes and techniques to deliver elite cleanings for facilities of every type and size.

Considering the benefits of hiring an office cleaning company in Clackamas? Call (503) 647-4427! We will target and eliminate germs and bacteria in your workspace today!