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Aligning Actions with Words in the Marketplace

Have you been tempted to oversell or has someone oversold their services to you? It’s human nature to paint a company or a product in its best possible light. There can be pressure to say whatever will get the customer in the door or the contract signed on the dotted line. Afterward, there is even more pressure to keep the new client happy no matter what it takes because services may have been overzealously portrayed.

Not aligning your words in the marketplace with your actions as a business can be harmful to your brand. If the way you’re selling your company doesn’t reflect the way your business operates, there’s a chance you could lose your customers’ trust. This common mistake of making promises with the best intentions but not being able to deliver consistently could tarnish your reputation and lead to unhappy customers.

Company representatives must always make a concerted effort to ensure the claims they make in the marketplace can be lived out daily. It’s crucial that employees are operating in the same way others within the team are communicating to the public – as words without action are not a positive reflection of every member of an organization. That is why it’s so important to hire individuals that are the right fit for your company’s culture. Doing so makes it easier to trust employees who are the boots on the ground selling your services. You can rest easy knowing team members and leadership are on the same page when it comes to operations and public communication.

Not only can honesty and accountability in all aspects of business keep you in your customer’s good graces, but the two can also earn respect and trust from the general public. When it comes down to it, all a man has is his word, and what we all want is to be able to trust that word.