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Four Decades of Giving Back

ServiceMaster by Stratos does more than provide – we partner. Stratos’ story reflects 40 years of serving as a trusted partner to not only our customers but also to our internal team of managers, supervisors and service partners. While we do give a great deal back to the community in various ways, our top priority is making sure team members have what they need to thrive inside and outside the workplace. Let us explain.

In 2018, Stratos began partnering with HopeWorks to provide service partners access to a success coach named Keva. Keva works hard every day to equip service partners and their families with the tools, knowledge and opportunities to grow personally. For example, if a service partner asks for financial assistance, he or she will then go through financial counseling with Keva. After that, they are connected with Southern Security so that they can receive a loan and therefore build credit. This, of course, improves their financial portfolio. Through this partnership, Stratos is helping meet a need, but also educating team members so that they can develop the long term financial security for themselves and their families.

Second chances are also important to Stratos. By being open to hiring individuals with a past, leadership is offering a fresh start to those looking to turn their life around. This approach has proven to be fruitful time and time again. Jimmy, a team member who spent 15 years in jail before joining the Stratos team, said it best when referring to the second chance he was given by Stratos. 

“Opportunity + effort = potential realized.” 

He recently bought a five-bedroom home in Olive Branch – wow! What a testimony to our organization’s dedication to its people and their determination.

Anniversary gifts, transportation assistance, access to leadership – we could go on. The opportunities Stratos offers its team members are plentiful, and in turn, life-changing. When looking at the way this organization gives back, you don’t see it in bright lights of financial sponsorships for events, but the impact is just as great for Memphis.