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ServiceMaster by Stratos, the Logistical People Business

Logistical people business—that is undoubtedly the most succinct definition of ServiceMaster by Stratos. We’re headquartered in one of the largest logistical hubs that has access to the four major modes of transportation—runway, road, rail and river. Thanks to companies like FedEx, the Memphis International Airport is the second busiest cargo airport in the world! Clearly, our Memphis businesses know a thing or two about how to move products. And, Stratos? Well, we know how to move people. Let me explain.

With more than 500 service partners serving over 185 customer locations across three states, logistics is a big part of our business. Think about it, we have millions of square feet to service. From cleaning up construction sites in Midtown Memphis to providing healthy learning environments for more than 40 Shelby County Schools, we cover a lot of ground.

Not only do we want to ensure each location is properly staffed to get the job done well, we also want to put those service partners in environments they will thrive. As the CEO of Stratos, I have two customers – those that are internal and those that are external. Yes, our external customers are very important, but the happiness and success of our internal customers, our service partners, is equally important. We have found there is a direct correlation between the success of our service partners and the satisfaction of our customers.

We are in the business of moving very valuable cargo who are the heart and soul of our business – our service partners. I liked the phrase so much that I am in the process of having it trademarked. You may see it in Stratos email signatures, our website, social media posts and more. Be on the lookout!

Stacy McCall, President and CEO of ServiceMaster by Stratos