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How to build and maintain trust with customers

Personal relationships are nothing without trust, and the same goes for professional relationships, especially those with your customers. Building a professional relationship on the foundation of honesty and transparency is the best way to gain long-term customers who trust your organization to get the job done right.

Make an appearance.
It’s hard to trust someone or a service that you’ve never seen. That’s why leaders and their employees should always be readily available to customers. Maintaining visibility and communication with customers makes them feel more comfortable and allows them to better understand the services you provide. Ask them to join you on a site tour while your team is at work or simply invite them to lunch to discuss the partnership. No matter which approach you take, be sure to make every customer interaction genuine and intentional, instead of just an act that checks a box. 

Value your customers.
Trust is a two-way street. Showing your customers that you trust them can play a key role in whether or not they return that same sentiment. Be open and transparent in one-on-one conversations. Speak to collaborative solutions and efforts, emphasizing to your customer that you value their opinions and the work they do. You are there to help them succeed by taking care of what they’ve tapped your organization to do. 

Ask for feedback.
Build trust with customers by holding yourself and your team accountable by asking for feedback. Doing so is not only good for organizational growth, but it shows customers that you want to hear from them, and most importantly that you appreciate what they have to say. Listening to and addressing a problem the customer is experiencing allows them to feel secure and further affirms their decision to work with you. 

Trusting relationships require consistent effort and even the most loyal of customers need to be reassured. Stay focused on visibility, open communication and having the ability to adjust services to meet changing needs, and you will find yourself building a strong base of loyal consumers.