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How to prepare for your carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning WichitaYou’ve made the call. Your appointment is set. You are ready to say goodbye to the high traffic areas, spots and spills that have marred your carpet for the past year. It’s time for clean, fresh floors!

So now that you’ve made the move toward fresher, renewed carpets with ServiceMaster, should you do anything to prepare?

Mostly, no. We’re coming to do the hard work for you. On the day of service, all you need to do is have someone available to let the technician into your home and review your order with him. All ServiceMaster Clean In A Wink technicians are bonded and insured, so you may leave with peace of mind during the service, anytime you need.

For optimal cleaning, and to help your technician clean your floors quickly and thoroughly so he can be on time to his next appointment, ServiceMaster Clean In A Wink recommends you follow just a few steps before your technician arrives:

  • Remove all breakables, including collectibles, lamps and small objects, from the top of the furniture you want moved. (For safety purposes, the technician may not lift an object heavier than 75 lbs.)
  • Vacuum your carpets/sweep your floors. This will remove the top layer of dirt, allowing your technician to clean deeper into your carpet fibers.
  • Put pets up before the technician arrives.
  • Because our most commonly used method of residential cleaning involves a truck-mounted system, your technician will need access to the home’s main entrance. Please move vehicles out of the driveway before your scheduled appointment.

Questions? Call our office at (316) 925-7943.

We look forward to seeing you!