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How to remove furniture impressions from your carpet

How to remove furniture impressions from your carpetMoving your furniture around for a fresh look this New Year? You may be noticing unsightly imprints on your carpet from heavy furniture pieces and upholstered items that have been in the same place for some time.

When you want to remove the dents and impressions in your carpets that furniture leaves behind, there are a few tricks you can follow:

Use a clothes steamer to remove the furniture imprints. If you do not have a clothes steamer available, you can substitute a kitchen towel and an iron. Place a damp towel over the impression. Heat the iron to a medium heat setting, then set the iron on the damp towel. You may use the steam button periodically.

Remove the iron and towel from time to time to check the carpet. If the spot has improved, use your fingers to fluff the carpet. You may repeat this process until the carpet is to your liking, but keep in mind: This process is not suitable for carpets made of olefin fiber.

Another helpful tip to remove a furniture imprint in the carpet is to place an ice cube in the affected area and allow it to melt. The melted ice will help revive the carpet fibers. A toothbrush will help you work to remove the impression, as you brush the carpet fibers in a backward-and-forward motion. Allow the carpet to dry naturally.

For help reviving the look of carpet fibers, call our carpet experts at 888-GET-WINK and ask about our hot water extraction carpet cleaning method.