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These Mats are Made for Walkin’

You want your office to stay looking its best. When snow and ice salts tracked in from the parking lot threaten to damage the carpet in your office, there’s one simple way you can prevent a worn-down, dingy floor:  Use walk-off mats.

Walk-off mats placed strategically in your office improve air quality, cleanliness and safety within a building. They absorb wetness on shoes from rain or snow, reducing fall hazards.

The carpeted surface also provides a place to wipe off unwanted dirt and reduce the amount of debris entering your office. Dirt and debris that is repeatedly ground into the floor could damage your floors and your carpet’s fibers.

When purchasing walk-off mats, look for an indoor mat that is:

  • At least 10 feet in length with a rubber backing to create a non-skid surface that firmly holds to the floor.
  • Thick enough to withstand harsher environments and larger debris.

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