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Cleaning, Clearing, and Maintaining with Day Porter Services

Keeping everything clean is of utmost importance this year in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area! Rather than leaving your commercial space up to chance, make sure to hire a professional team that understands how to clean every area, from top to bottom, inside and outside.

The professional day porter services team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance understands how to work with you, no matter what your business involves. Here are just a few of the services a day porter can provide you and your business:

Cleaning: Day porters are professional cleaners, first and foremost. At ServiceMaster, we ensure that our employees are thoroughly trained in all cleaning practices and procedures. With this skillset, our team is ready to walk inside your commercial or office space, whip out a broom as well as plenty of other equipment, and get the job done!

Clearing: Additionally, our day porters are often responsible for clearing debris, grime, and dust from spaces, whether inside or outside of your building. Oftentimes, this could mean ensuring that outdoor trash cans are regularly emptied and walkways are ready for foot traffic. The outside of your business is just as important to keep fresh as is the inside, and day porters can make it all happen!

Maintaining: Finally, a professional day porter understands the value of maintaining and tidying up business spaces. This could mean sprucing up a shared kitchen, cubicle space, tabletop, or flower bed—all to make sure your staff and customers are comfortable. Without routine maintenance, clutter and dirt can pile up quickly. That’s why hiring a day porter on a regular basis is so important to your company!

The time is now to invest in day porter services in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area. With everything happening in 2020, including COVID-19, it’s important to make certain that every area of your commercial space is routinely cleaned and maintained.