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Hiring a Commercial Day Porter

Are you looking to ensure a high-quality clean around your commercial space this summer in the Iowa City, IA, area? Then look no farther than the commercial day porter cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster Building Maintenance!

Our expert day porter cleaning team knows exactly how to fulfill all your cleaning-related needs around a commercial space, including the following:

Maintaining General Spaces: Commercial day porters understand the importance of maintaining the general cleanliness and appearance of your space. Our team has experience in cleaning carpets, sweeping floors, washing windows, and providing surface cleaning for desktops and counters. Trust us to take care of your general office cleanup!

Managing Lobbies: We understand the importance of a good first impression, and so we specialize in managing your commercial lobby. In addition to regular cleaning, our team will deal with spills and provide weather-related services to remove any snow, dirt, or mud that is tracked into your space.

Sanitizing Restrooms: In commercial spaces, it’s especially important to keep restrooms fresh and clean. Make sure to invest wisely, so bring in a day porter to get the job done right! Our staff members know how to not only disinfect restrooms but will also restock paper supplies.

Removing Trash: Finally, day porters will remove collected trash from within your commercial office space. This will keep your office feeling, and smelling, fresh throughout the entire week. This service will also give you one less chore to worry about during your busy work week!

So, what are you waiting for? Call the team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance today to hire a commercial day porter service in the Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Winona, La Crosse, Green Bay, Appleton, Madison, and Milwaukee areas. We’ll work with your team to create a cleaning plan that suits all your commercial needs, and we’ll bring a professional touch to your office!