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Rid Floors of Damaging Salt: Carpet Cleaning Services in Winona

Because of this year’s onslaught of nasty winter weather, plenty of salt has been applied to highways, sidewalks, and other walkways to make them safer. While salt is effective at breaking down ice and providing traction, it can stain carpets and damage hardwood and laminate floors if it’s tracked inside. When salt stains are ground into your carpet, a professional carpet cleaning performed by ServiceMaster Building Maintenance may be the only solution to ridding your carpets of those ugly, nasty blemishes.

In addition to leaving unsightly white stains on the carpets throughout your place of business, salt can gradually break down and degrade the fibers in carpet, leaving permanent damage. If salt crystals are ground into flooring, they can scratch the surface and destroy the finish.

To keep salt damage at bay, use ample amounts of floor mats. Put a bristly floor mat outside each of the doors to your business and encourage your staff, customers and vendors to wipe their feet before crossing the threshold. Place additional floor mats inside. If possible, keep towels close by and wipe up standing water as soon as possible.

If salt has already damaged the carpets in your business, the best course of action is to hire a reputable cleaning company to minimize the problem. ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, based in Madison, WI, offers a number of professional services to keep the floors in your place of business clean and well-maintained.

The experts at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance will implement the following time-tested carpet cleaning steps to remove ugly salt stains:

•Inspect all carpets to assess your needs

•Pre-treat all salt and other stains

•Apply specialized cleaning solutions to loosen dirt and salt particles

•Rinse with clean, hot water

•Treat any remaining stains

•Groom for uniform and attractive appearance

•Inspect to guarantee your satisfaction

Finally, consider increasing the frequency of your regular office cleaning, as regular vacuuming will help remove salt particles from the surface of all flooring types and carpets. The professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance will work with you to arrange regular janitorial services or Dayporter cleaning services that meet your business needs.

ServiceMaster Building Maintenance serves the communities of Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, and Milwaukee. In Minnesota, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance serves Winona and the surrounding areas. In Iowa, we cover the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City communities. Don’t surrender to the salt assault – contact ServiceMaster Building Maintenance and set up an appointment to clean, refresh and renew your carpets today!