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Hospital Cleaning According to the CDC

In the year 2020, hospital cleaning has to take on a whole new meaning in the Winona, MN, area. While we navigate a new world in the midst of coronavirus, it’s important that your space is taking the safest, healthiest steps to protect your hospital, patients, staff members, or anyone else that may pass through the front door.

Here are a few CDC recommended approaches to bring into your hospital cleaning routine throughout the year 2020 and beyond:

  • Routine Cleaning: As part of your daily hospital cleaning, it’s important to make certain that all high-touch areas are cleaned multiple times. That means all hard surfaces like tabletops and counters need fresh and frequent cleaning, as well as any computer keyboards, doorknobs, and light switches.
  • Multi-Step Cleaning: Additionally, it’s important that you follow a multi-step cleaning routine throughout the day. That means it’s important to wash areas with soap and water first, and then follow up with a disinfectant. While soap and water removes the majority of germs and bacteria from a surface, the disinfectant will kill whatever is left behind.
  • Disposable Cleaning: Finally, in all of these cleaning practices, make certain to use disposable cleaning materials. That means disposable gloves, masks, and clothes, all of which can be removed and thrown away as needed to ensure proper cleaning and personal safety. Otherwise, germs are likely to transfer onto other surfaces and into other areas of your hospital.

So, what are you waiting for as you invest in hospital cleaning this season? Make certain to choose a professional company that knows how to get the job done correctly and efficiently. In the Winona, MN, area, it’s important that you know your hospital cleaning practices are consistent and in alignment with current CDC guidelines.

For all your cleaning needs in and around the cities of Winona, MN; Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA; and La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Appleton, WI, give the trained and experienced team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today!